Love In the Time Of Buhari [Chapter 4]


Annie stormed through the door of the house in a jeans trousers and peplum blouse. It was her first time at Editi’s new house and she was overwhelmed by the fancifulness of the whole place.

Her sister had texted her the address.

“This place is so beautiful!” she said as she flung her handbag on the floor.

“Mama didn’t come with you?” Editi asked.

Annie shook her head, “She said she will come on the day her first grandchild will be born,” Annie said.

Editi laughed. “That’s just so bad. Why would mama not come to see my new house?”

“Abeg leave mama, Let’s talk about this place. How do you cope here alone?” Annie asked as she opened the kitchen refrigerator and took an apple. She rushed to the sink, rinsed it and began to eat it.

“I haven’t experienced the loneliness here yet, and besides, when Akwang leaves for offshore tomorrow, I will get to talk to my new neighbor. She lives in the next building,” Editi said excitedly.

“I hope she is married? Don’t forget mama said you should never make friends with single girls except me your sister, try to protect your home please.”

“Abeg leave mama and her plenty advice.  Making friends with single people can’t ruin a home, it is always us women that are always bothered about these things.”

“Okay o. As for me, when I get married and marry a man that is as handsome as your husband, I won’t let any maid or single girl come near us.”

Editi laughed, “Talking about a maid, “I will be bringing Abas here to stay with me. Though, I haven’t discussed with her yet.”

“Why?” Annie asked in amazement.

“Because where she is living is too far from here.”

“Then get someone that lives close. She can’t stay with you.”

“Please Annie, stop sounding local like mama.”

“I am not sounding local, I just want you to know that these housegirls’ stories are real. Don’t be a victim.”

Editi waved her away; “Forget it, my husband can never ever do that. And again, please, don’t tell mama that Abas will be coming to stay with me.”

“On one condition,” Annie said humorously.

“What condition?”

“You must get another Jaja.”

“Ah Annie, I don’t have money, and besides, I wanted to get it when I have a baby and employ a nanny for my baby.”

“Hmm…Don’t worry, I will lend you some money to get it.”

Editi looked at her surprisingly, “You will lend me money?” she asked.

“Yes, I will. If you’re ready, I can call Adamu to come make the installation for the latest one. I installed it at Daniel’s house and from my comfort zone, I see and know all the shit he does.”

“Is there anything you can’t do? You’re mischievous,” Editi said laughing.

Annie rolled her eyes.

“I am your number one game planner, don’t play with me.”

“I trust you jare!”

The two sisters ate lunch together, and while Annie washed the dishes, Editi was scooping flour into a large yellow bowl.

“You have a job?” Annie asked.

“Nope, I am baking for my new neighbor, she says her favorite is chocolate cake.”

“So, you’ll just dash her cake, just like that?” Annie asked in amazement.

“It’s just eight inches of chocolate cake.”

“That’s 10k Edi.”

“Please Annie, this is my cake. My flour, my butter, my cocoa powder and brown sugar. Nothing here is yours!”

“The baker is my sister!” Annie exclaimed girlishly. The two girls laughed and talked about old friends and family.

The doorbell rang and Annie rushed to the door, “Welcome Uncle Ak,” Annie greeted Akwang cheerfully.

“How are you?” Akwang asked. He’d started perceiving the aroma of the cake from the entrance to the house.

“I am fine,” Annie replied.

“And how is mama?”

“She is fine too.”

“Okay great. Send my regards, and tell her that I will come visit her when I am back from work.”

“Okay, she will hear.” Annie said.

“Baby!” Editi exclaimed as she saw Akwang. She was carrying a chocolate cake in her hand as she walked toward him and kissed him on the forehead.

“Who owns the cake?” Akwang asked.

“The new neighbour,” she replied softly.

“Oh, that lady.”

“Yeah,” Editi nodded.

“Send my regards to her please,” Akwang said calmly as she yawned.

“Uncle Ak, I am leaving now. Mama will call me soon.” She rushed to her handbag, took her phone, then began to make a video. “Mama asked me to video this new house and come show her,” she said boldly.

Editi and Akwang chuckled.

“I will be right back to arrange your stuff for tomorrow,” Editi said to Akwang as she walked away hastily.

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