Love In the Time Of Buhari [Chapter 3]


Editi was silent as she walked around their new house. The beauty of it smote her.

She admired the chandelier in the sitting room, the wall paintings and the kitchen cabinets. She loved them all. The interior decorations and the ceiling type was just the kind she’d always wanted. The type of British houses she read in novels, Safari Estate had always been her dream estate.

She ran to Akwang who was giving instructions to the men who were paid to pack, and hugged him tightly, perceiving the masculine scent of his cologne.

“Thank you baby, for this beautiful place, I love it!” she said girlishly, it was feral, yet contemptuous.

“Anything for you my queen,” Akwang said with a sincere smile.

“Let me check the garage,” she said excitedly as she rushed out of the house.

She walked around the garage, admiring it.

“Hello?” a lady’s voice came in from behind her.

Editi turned, and when she saw this elegant brown beautiful woman who had a beautiful face and obviously looked like a rich lady, she gave a forced smile. It was not a cheerful smile. ” Hi.”

“I am Mrs Nneoma Jackson,” Nneoma said in a bold voice that sounded a bit masculine. “You’re our new neighbor?” she asked.

Editi’s mind and eyes were set on her hair.

“Is this your natural hair or extension?” Editi asked, diverting from the answer to Nneoma’s question.

Nneoma smiled, “Yes it is.”

“It is a lie!” she shouted, covering her mouth.

“It is my hair,” Nneoma repeated with a light smile.

“Can I touch it?” Editi asked.

“Yeah, sure,” Nneoma said, and removed the ruffle from her hair, shook the hair and allowed it fall bountifully on her shoulders.  Editi held a few strands of the hair and was bewildered. “You’re such a black beauty,” Editi said.

“Aw, thank you. You’re?” Nneoma asked smiling.

“Oh so sorry,” Editi shook her hands, “I am Editi Akwang, I am your new neighbor.”

“I know. I saw when the truck drove in and I also saw when you and a man whom I suspect might be your husband stepped out of the car,” she said, still smiling, “Welcome to Safari Estate,” she added.

“Thank you,” Editi replied proudly.

“I didn’t see your kids,” Nneoma said.

“I just got married six months ago, we don’t have kids yet.”

“Oh, congratulations!”

“What about you?” Editi asked, forgetting to tell her ‘thank you’ for congratulating her.

“No child yet too. I have been married for five years now. We’re still hoping on Jehovah for the fruit of the womb.”

“It is well,” Editi said softly, trying not to sound pitiful.

“Baby?” Akwang’s voice came in. He had been wondering what might have kept her for that long at the garage.

“Baby, come meet our new neighbor,” she said excitedly and turned to Nneoma, “My husband,” she whispered into her ears.

“Oh nice,” Akwang said, as he walked down to them and shook hands with Nneoma, “Mr Akwang,” he said nicely.

“Mrs Jackson, Nneoma Jackson,” she said delightedly.

“Nice to meet you Mrs Jackson,” Akwang said and turned abruptly to Editi. “Baby, come show the men where the pots and your baking tools will be kept.

“You bake?” Nneoma asked.

“Yes I bake cakes. I’m a baker.”

“Oh, blessings! I am excited to have you as a neighbor, I go as far as Ikanekung axis to get a baker, and still she gives me tasteless, horrible cakes. My husband’s last birthday cake was awful! We had to give it to my puppy Lizzy, and even Lizzy detested it too. My dog refused it.”

Editi and Akwang fell into deep laughter.

“My wife bakes the best cakes. You will have to taste her lemon or chocolate cakes, you will certainly turn to an Oliver Twist,” Akwang said with humor in his tone.

“Oh, I love chocolate cakes, my favorite,” Nneoma said with delight.

They all talked for a few more minutes and laughed about everything.

Akwang and Editi went back to the house and directed the men on where to drop stuff.

At the end of the day, the new house was fixed, the men left and Editi managed to fix dinner that evening.

“I will text Abas the directions to our new place,” she said to Akwang, as she gulped down warm tea.

“Won’t it be too far for her?” Akwang asked.

“It will. But I don’t know if you would love the idea of her staying with us.”

“Why not? You need someone to stay with you when I go back to work. Your sister won’t, because she would stay with your mother at home.”

“It’s okay, I will ask her if she can stay here,” she sighed. “My mom is not gonna agree to this maid staying with us.”


“She thinks she might seduce you.”

Akwang laughed. “What! God forbid, I can’t do such a thing please,” he said.

“I know baby,” Editi held his hands. “I trust you.”

Akwang kissed her hand

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