Love In the Time Of Buhari [Chapter 26]


She saved the memories in her phone as ‘Love In The Time Of Buhari’.

She watched the videos several times with tears swimming in her eyes.

She walked out of the house and didn’t even know where she was going to. If she’d seen Nneoma face to face, she would stab her to death. But she held herself firmly and managed to walk out of the compound. Then she saw one of her neighbors at the gate. She was an old woman with grey hairs in her 60s.

“I am your second eye, I saw everything that happened in your home when you weren’t around,” the woman said.

“Who are you?” Editi asked, “I’m your neighbor. I live up there,” she pointed at a storey building by her house.

“I saw everything that happened at your house,” the old woman repeated. “One early morning, I saw her come out of your house.”

“I have seen everything, thanks for telling me. Maybe this was the right time to know,” she whispered tearfully and kept walking. She didn’t wear a brassiere, so her nipples showed through a filmy white dress. But she didn’t care. All she wanted was a place to cool her boiling brain and her shattered heart. She’d left her phone at home. Her mother in-law was worried, and tried calling her to come breastfeed Nathan. After a few hours, she strolled back home, carried her son and breastfed him quietly.

“I hope everything is fine?” her mother in-law asked when she noticed the redness in her eyes.

She nodded calmly, “Yes. I am not well.”

“Then see a doctor. You have to be careful with whatever is happening to you, so that it won’t affect my grandson,” she said.


“We are having a party tomorrow,” Editi said.

“What party?” her mother in-law asked.

“A birthday party. Tomorrow is Akwang’s birthday mama, have you forgotten?”

“Ah, tomorrow is 28th?”

Editi nodded with a mischievous smile.

“Wow, the month has ended o, I have to plan on going back soon. My leave will soon be over,” her mother in-law said.

“I am doing a surprise birthday for him tomorrow, mama don’t tell him o. The only people who should know of this should be papa, uncle, all your children,” she paused, “Don’t worry, I will invite his colleagues and friends. I will invite our pastor too.”

“For a common birthday? We will bring all these people from Calabar and Uyo?”

“Yes. It’s how I want it. It’s another way that we can reunite as one family. My family will be there too,” she said, faking a smile.

Akwang’s mother nodded uncertainly, “I have no idea why you young people love to waste money unnecessarily.” She sighed, “It’s okay, I will invite his relations. His cousins especially will be happy to come. Those ones like party too much.”

As soon as Akwang returned from his training, disgust grew in her heart. She couldn’t say a word to him, her heart was heavy with unspeakable bitter words.

He was surprised to see her that way. It was the first time since they got married that she ignored him for no reason. After she walked out of the sitting room, he turned to his mother and asked, “Mom, I hope you didn’t tell her about what you saw the other day?”

His mother shrugged, “What’s my business with you and your nonsense?” He felt guilt swallow him up.

That night, he was horny, yet Editi was lying right beside him. She’d gone to the cinema to meet one of the men who handles the videos and the auditoriums that she wants to host a program for her family. She’d paid the charges to stream a private movie for her guests, even when the charges were quite high.

Akwang’s steely gazed pierced the darkness of the room. All he wanted was Nneoma. He’d wished that there was a way he could see her face and kiss it, then hold her until morning. Her face and the image of her body had haunted him since when he was at the training field.

Editi wasn’t asleep, she couldn’t sleep. Sleep had gone far away from her eyes. Her eyes were still seeing her husband and Nneoma kissing and fondling themselves in her kitchen and bedroom.

She stood up and walked around her house like she was going to say a final farewell to it. She looked down at her large wedding photo frame and wept bitterly. For a moment, anger pushed grief aside, and she stood there looking at the face of the man who betrayed her in a way she’d never imagined. She began to cry softly again. She’d wanted to call her sister and tell her everything that was happening, but she couldn’t. No one would understand the pains she felt in her heart. She was going insane and if a gun was placed on her hands, she would have

put a bullet in her husband’s brain and faced the consequences.

She walked around the sitting room, trying to hold her mind together and keep it from shattering in a million pieces. Later, she would not remember how long she had walked around the sitting room. Hearing movement behind her, she turned and when she saw Akwang, she heaved a sigh.

“What are you doing here all by yourself? I went to check Nathan and mama in the other room and you weren’t there. I thought you’d gone to breastfeed him,” Akwang said.

But Editi was silent. Silent like someone who had no life in her. Even the sound of her breathing couldn’t be heard, only the sound from the ticking wall clock could be heard.

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