Love In the Time Of Buhari [Chapter 25]


Akwang’s birthday was the next day and he’d gone for training at the petroleum school nearby, sponsored by his company. Editi had planned to bake a cake and invite a few friends and family members.

Abas had finally come back to resume duties and help as usual.

As soon as Abas disposed the dishes in the sink, the doorbell rang. She rushed to the door, but before she got there, Editi was already at the door. “Check Nathan in his room, I left him on the bed,” Editi said as she opened the door.

She was amazed to see Adamu.

“Adamu, what are you doing here?” she asked.

“Madam good morning, your sister call me last week for the camera memory, and after I don study the manual finish, I discover sey I fit get am back for you.”

“Oh great.”

“But you go pay me small money.”

Editi laughed. “How much?”

“Like 10k.”

“For what? I don’t see a need for it anymore. Don’t worry abeg, your charge is high.”

“Madam, how much you wan give me?” He asked, determined to listen to her.

“I will give you half the money, not like I need it sef. But let me just get it back, I could just sit and watch at my leisure time.”

“Okay, bring money. But make I bring my ladder come.” He rushed out and came back with a foldable ladder. He climbed the ladder up to each place were the cameras were fixed and touched a button behind it, “Madam bring your phone make I connect am,” he said.

“Teach me how to do it, in case of next time,” Editi said.

“No madam. I no fit. Na wetin I dey use chop be this abeg. No worry, next time, I no go charge you too much,” he said playfully.

He stepped down from the ladder. Editi handed him the phone and he connected the Bluetooth to the eye.

“Please hurry, my husband might come back anytime. Or even my maid might come out.”

“Okay madam,” Adamu said. After he was done, Editi rushed into the house and came out with naira notes, she handed them to him and said hastily, “Thank you, you can now go.”

“Thank you madam. If you misplace your phone again, na 20k I go collect o.”

“No problem, thank you,” she said laughing.

After she’d had her bath and breastfed Nathan, she jumped on the bed and played the camera memories.

From the month she’d left for America.

She giggled when she saw the image of Akwang making calls, eating breakfast, cooking meals in the kitchen.

She laughed when she saw him boil a cup of rice without salt.

“No salt? Is that how I taught you?” she asked laughing.

She watched for several moments and was almost tired of looking at empty rooms with no one in them. She blinked when she saw Akwang in the kitchen, carrying Nneoma and putting her on the kitchen table. Her heart sank and shattered in a few seconds. Her hands shook.

She watched as he began to kiss her deeply, then he suddenly tore her clothes apart and she watched as he stroked her lovingly. “Undress me,” Akwang said.

Tears rushed down Editi’s cheeks. Everything in her body was shaking rapidly as she watched Akwang hook a finger beneath Nneoma’s chin and raise it. “You don’t have to be shy, you lost your nakedness and your sanity to me long ago. That day that I fucked you right in your sitting room.” His voice and his words sank into Editi’s brain, and almost made her mad.

Then she watched every part of it patiently. When she discovered she could forward scenes, she began to search through only scenes she could see only both of them.

“How is my baby doing in the womb?” Akwang asked. He was on the phone with Nneoma, and Editi could see how passionate and emotional he was as he was talking to her. She didn’t hear Nneoma’s response, but she was fully aware that Nneoma was pregnant for her husband.

The video memories of them making love on her matrimonial bed made her weak instantly. When Nathan cried, she rushed to his cot and her hands trembled as she carried him in her arms.

Anger took over her brain as she sat there. Tears had stopped running out of her eyes. She’d literally gone insane, her brain was beginning to twist.

“Edy, is the baby awake?” her mother in-law’s voice came in. She couldn’t reply, she just stared at her blankly like she wasn’t seeing anything.

“Are you okay?” her mother in-law asked. The words she said to her at the dining table about trust repeated like a recording.

“Edy?” her mother in-law called again.

She sighed. A deep, bitter and mysterious sigh that came out from her heart. “Mama, sorry please my mind…”

“Whatever you’re thinking of, don’t let it affect my grandson. Give him to me,” she said.

Editi handed Nathan to her gently, her mother in-law took him away and sighed at the way Editi behaved.

Editi’s eyes suddenly turned red. She yelled Abas’ name several times, and when she didn’t hear any response, she walked hastily to the refrigerator, took a bottle of Black Label whiskey and gulped it down like she was drinking water.

“Aunty, na alcohol you dey drink o, no be water!” Abas exclaimed.


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