Love In the Time Of Buhari [Chapter 24]


“Akwang!” his mother exclaimed. She didn’t believe what she saw. She’d gone to dispose bulks of Nathan’s used diapers at the refuse dump.

“Please ma,” Nneoma stuttered in a shaky tone. She was afraid that she might be disgraced.

Akwang’s mother pushed Akwang aside and faced her directly.

“You mean that this generation of married women also cheat?” she shrugged. “You claim to be Editi’s friend, yet, you stab her behind by messing around with her husband. From today henceforth, I don’t want to see you near my son or any of his family members ever again. How am I not sure that the pregnancy is not his?”

“Mom,” Akwang called.

“Shut up your cheating mouth! Your father was never like this. I don’t know where you got this kind of a lifestyle from.”

She disposed the nylon in her hand and walked away murmuring.

“I hope she won’t tell Editi?” Nneoma asked, scared.

“Except she wants to ruin my home. She won’t, I am her son,” Akwang said soothingly.

Nneoma was afraid. From that moment, her feelings for Akwang was restricted. She couldn’t think of being with him any further. She was stricken for moments, and each time Editi visited her with Nathan, her heart would be palpitating.

“I should start looking for a job and a babysitter for my son,” Editi said to her sister Annie as they had lunch together.

“Hmm, babysitter plus a female maid. Na you sabi o.”

“Why are you so afraid that these people can just snatch my man? Akwang isn’t like that kind of man.”

Annie shrugged, “I didn’t say he was like that. You won’t know yet until it happens. Don’t let the devil use you and set example o.”

“What example?” Akwang’s mother asked as she pulled out a chair and settled on it with a plate of okro soup and oatmeal.

Annie chuckled, “Mama, your daughter in law wants to get a female babysitter for Nathan, and I’m advising her not to, because most of these women are desperate and could do anything to take over her home.”

“You’re right. I have seen with my eyes, a married woman having something to do with her friend’s husband.”

Annie shrugged, “You heared that?”

“If you want to get a nanny for my grandson, I will bring my younger sister Mmaette, she is a widow. She has a child who stays overseas. She isn’t doing anything, If I talk to Mmaette she would gladly agree to be taking care of my grandson.”

“Ah mama, thank you so much,” Editi said delightedly.

“And again,” Akwang’s mother added, “You have to mind the people you let to be close to your husband, married or single, even your closest friend could become your worst enemy, be wise.”

Her mother in-law’s words sank into her head.

Editi nodded and muttered, “Akwang isn’t even that kind of man.”


After mealtime, Annie was set to leave. She played with Nathan and kissed his chubby cheeks for a while, then she dropped him gently in his cot and said to Editi, “I think you need to connect your phone to the camera. Despite the fact that it’s your mother in-law’s sister who would babysit my nephew, we still need an extra eye.”

“I know, and again, I have been thinking if Adamu could help me get back my previous video memories since I’d lost my phone.”

Annie shrugged. “I doubt. And besides, do you really need it? It was just your husband at home, and he was hardly around, don’t waste time getting it back. Leave it and create a new memory.”

“Okay o, no wahala. I have heard you,” Editi said.

Few weeks later, Annie called Editi. She was in the bathroom when her phone rang, she hurried out and when she saw that the call was from her sister, she sighed and placed the phone to her ears.

“Yeah Annie?”

“Edy, I have seen Adamu. I asked him if you can get back memories from the eye since you lost your phone, and he said it’s on a probability, that he would have to study the manual again and get back to you, since it’s a new digital invention, he doesn’t have an idea just yet,” Annie said shrilly over the phone.

“I don’t need it anymore, he should forget it. I don’t see the need for it.”

“Okay, I will tell him not to bother anymore,” Annie said and hung up.

Editi smiled. Her sister was taking this very seriously, and she wondered who the man who ever cheated on her was. He’d certainly hurt her so bad that she had decided not to trust anyone. But she was never going to distrust her husband because of what people were saying.

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