Love In the Time Of Buhari [Chapter 23]


“Your inverter isn’t bad. You lied to her because you want us to make love?” Akwang asked, trying to take off her clothes. She hesitated and pushed him away.

“Don’t do this Akwang, I am over this.”

“The pregnancy has changed you,” he whispered into her ears.

“No, not the pregnancy. I’ve just decided to change all for myself. I am not doing this anymore.”

“Is that why you called me here?” Akwang asked. “You called me here to tell me you won’t be letting me touch you because of what?”

“Because I have a conscience!” she said breathlessly.

Akwang laughed, “Conscience? Did I hear you say conscience? So, you just realized you have a conscience?”

“It’s not only about that,” she said.

“Then what?” he grabbed her and pinned her to the wall. He tried kissing her lips, but he struggled to reach it. He forcefully sucked at it and left it abruptly.

“Where was your silly conscience when you got me aroused? When you made me lick your succulent skin in the cold nights at Mandela street?” He held her and tore her clothes. “Where was it, where was it when you seduced me, when you made me fuck you in the middle of the night in my bedroom?”

“Akwang please…”

“Don’t fucken please me! I am not in the mood for all that pretentious emotions. You lured me, and you know you lured me. You wanted the baby huh? It’s all you wanted,” he held her neck and kissed her again.

“Stop it please!” she said forcefully.

“Stop what, enh? Stop what?” he stripped off her cloth and turned her around, making her butt face him. He removed his clothes and switched off the lights. They made love in the dark, moaning gently.

Few moments later, they were done.

He wore back his cloths calmly. She carried her cloths one after the other from the floor and wanted to walk away when he held her, “I understand why you feel this way,” he said calmly to her.

“I don’t want to be obsessed about you. I won’t call this love. I love my wife so much. And I hope I can cope with you in our midst, now that she is back,” he said.

She was all teary and calm as she stood there, naked with her cloths in her arms.

“This is the last time, we would do this,” she said tearfully.

“I will tell Editi I have fixed the inverter,” he said, and walked away.

Nneoma went to the bathroom and wept bitterly. She couldn’t understand why she’d suddenly become so emotional and soft hearted.

As soon as Akwang stepped into the house, Editi asked, “Done?”

“Yeah, yeah…wasn’t really a serious problem. You women can’t just handle things,” he said.

“She is pregnant, she can’t handle an inverter now.”

“She is? I never noticed that,” Akwang said.

“She is. So please, just help her out with whatever she wants. Her husband isn’t always around and she is always alone. Not good for a pregnant woman,” she said.

“I have heard you,” he said, walking toward the kitchen.

“You’re all sweaty, was the inverter that complicated?”

“Not at all, the house was hot. Very hot,” he said.


A month later, Jackson was home. Nneoma’s pregnancy had changed him and made him love her more. She was beautifully pregnant. And each time Akwang saw her, he would lose his mind and stare as if she was in control of his sight. He wondered if he would ever get tired of wanting to have sex with her.

She was five months gone, and everything about her body had changed.

Akwang’s mother had come to see Nathan for the first time, and she’d brought lots of goodies from Oron.

“My grandson is as handsome as his father,” she said delightedly and then turned to Editi, “I will be staying with you people for a whole month. I am here to be with my godson,” she said.

“Thank you for coming mama,” Editi said.

“Thank you mom,”Akwang added.

One evening, Akwang had gone to fuel the generator, and when he got there, he met Nneoma sitting by the generator house.

“What are you doing here?” he asked in amazement.

She turned and looked at him calmly, “I love perceiving the fuel. I love the smell,” she said softly.

He stared at her pitifully for long moments, then he added, “I miss you so much.”

Nneoma felt as though her legs would fold beneath her. She closed her eyes and imagined him kiss her.

“I think of you all the time. I think I have fallen in love with you Akwang. It isn’t a good thing, but what can I do?”

“You can’t do anything than to kiss me, express it. Let me make love to you.  Let me touch your skin and touch your belly and feel my child,” he said passionately.

She stood to her feet, and he rushed at her. He kissed her so deeply her lips hurt. He kissed the back of her neck and touched her gently.

“What name will we give to our baby? I have gone for scan it’s a girl,” she said softly.

He went down to her belly, and kissed it. We will name her Taraji,” he said without thinking. “I’ve always wanted to name my child Taraji.”

“I’m always here, in case you’re looking for me,” she said

“How much would you want me to give to you to get baby’s stuff?” he asked.

“Don’t worry. Jackson has settled that.”

He felt bad. But he couldn’t say. He held her to himself and kissed her more and then the voice came in and interrupted their passionate moment.


The voice was thunderous and sound. Their hearts trembled when they saw who it was.

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