Love In the Time Of Buhari [Chapter 20]


His sigh came from his soul. He never planned on going back to work so soon, but he was called upon on an emergency.

He’d made love to Nneoma just once, and each time he’d attempted touching her, she would give him excuses. For the entire three weeks he was home, he’d noticed the changes in his wife.

She was excited about his call back to work. She’d lost her love for him and it didn’t surprise him.

Akwang had resumed his paternity leave, and as soon as Jackson went back to work, she went to see Akwang one evening. She’d missed him so much, and as soon as he opened the door and saw that she was the one, he kissed her lips passionately.

“How about your husband?” he asked.

“Gone back to work,” she said hastily as she pulled off her clothes. She snuggled into his arms, giving a sigh of pleasure. When his lips touched her hair, she looked up, “When will your wife be back?”

“She said she won’t be staying up to three months anymore.”


“Because her mom couldn’t get a visa to join her.”

“Oh,” her face flushed. She regretted asking the question at first. The thoughts of Editi coming back to have her husband made her grit her teeth in rage. Something primitive told her she was his woman, and that they’d just missed paths as soulmates who would have found themselves. She wanted to share the long cold nights with him. She wanted to be the only woman he was making love to and who would fill her bellies with babies that looked like him. Yet, she knew that in no time, Editi would be back, and it would be hard to see him.

She lifted herself up on her elbow and kissed him gently on the lips.

“I love you, Akwang. Not only for always making sweet love to me, but for making me feel like a woman again,” she said and smiled coyly. “And for being so darn good in bed, thank you,” she added.

He walked her down to the couch and when he sat, he placed her head on his shoulders. “I never thought I could be in love with someone else. I certainly never thought,” he said.

“Why?” she asked curiously. She seriously didn’t want him to go through the pains, but she had to make him understand that she also didn’t want to cheat on her own husband. He began to touch her, and they made love right there and then.

Uncountable times they’d made love in the sitting room, the bedroom, the garage, the bathroom, the kitchen and most times in the car at nights, on a lonely street.


Editi’s baby finally arrived. It was a boy. Nneoma could see the excitement on Akwang’s face when he first announced it to her.

“It’s a boy!” he exclaimed excitedly without caring about her feelings. She wondered if he would be that excited if she was the one who had the baby for him.

“I will call him Nathan,” he said over the phone to Editi.

On the seventh day after his birth, Akwang invited friends and families to his son’s naming party.

“They are still in America, they will be back in few weeks,” he said to his colleagues who demanded to see the baby and Editi.

Everyone drank, danced to the classic music that played, while Annie served everyone with drinks and small chops that she’d made specially in her mother’s kitchen.

“How is my godson doing?” Nneoma asked Editi over the phone, they were on a video call. Editi pointed the phone camera to where the baby was sleeping in a blue cot. “Aw, he is such a cutie,” Nneoma said.

“He looks like his father,” Editi said joyously. “I got you nice stuff from here.”

Nneoma chuckled. “Thanks dear.”

“Winter is coming, and we need to leave here. I am already having flu, and Nathan sucks and cries every night,” she sighed, “I need to come back home. I miss our own pepper soup.”

Nneoma forced a smile, “I think you should stay a bit longer.  That baby needs fresh air, Nigeria is too sooty.”

“Where do I go to? Is it not to stay at home and go to the hospital? I won’t face all those problems when I come back,” She paused and said, “How is Jackson?”

Nneoma sighed and waved her hands carelessly in the air, “Married to his work. I am tired abeg.”

“Ah, don’t be,” Editi said, “I hope you’ve been checking on my husband?”

“Do I even have time? I am always in church or in this my house praying. The last time I made love was when Jackson came back, it was just a quickie,” she said casually.

Editi laughed. “Don’t get me aroused please, I am a nursing mom,” Editi said laughing. Nneoma envied her smiles. They were genuine, and she wondered when she would be in her shoes too.

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