Love In the Time Of Buhari [Chapter 18]


Akwang’s heart pounded so loudly he thought he could hear the sound echoing off the walls of the house.

Her moans got him high. He didn’t understand what was happening to him anymore. If he was told that he was ever going to cheat on his wife, he wouldn’t have believed. And if he was also told that he was going to fall for another pretty woman, whose sexy body drove him insane and got his manhood standing, he wouldn’t have believed also.

There was a time they made love thrice a day, he and Nneoma. He had her like food, anytime he wanted. He spoke with Editi twice or once in a day, and a few times they saw each other on video calls.

Nneoma and Editi talked a lot of times. Nneoma told her that Jackson had not come back since. It was over a month and she was getting over him gradually.

“My delivery date is near, your god baby will be coming soon, but we will spend extra three months here in America before we come back,” Editi said to Nneoma over the phone.

Nneoma was excited. She wanted Editi to stay longer in America. And if Jackson was going to spend his whole life offshore, she didn’t give a damn anymore.

“I’ll be leaving for offshore tomorrow,” Akwang said as his gaze met Nneoma’s eyes. They were in his kitchen. He pulled her on top of him. One by one he unfastened the white buttons on her blouse, smiling at her in a way that made her pulse quicken. His eyes took in the lacy brassiere as he exposed it with deliberate slowness.

She literally tingled with anticipation as Akwang removed her clothes, enjoying how he took time to caress or press his warm lips against each spot he bared. When she was naked before him, the look in his eyes, stole her breath away.

“Undress me,” he ordered sensually. She hesitated at first, she suddenly felt self-conscious.

Akwang hooked a finger beneath her chin and raised it. “You don’t have to be shy, you lost your nakedness and your sanity to me long ago. That day I fucked you right in your sitting room to the days I have turned you around and kissed your ass. I have done things to you, that I have never done to my wife. That makes you special,” Akwang said.

He held her firmly to himself, “I won’t take you to the room for you to lie beneath the covers. I adore every single inch of you, even the stretch marks on your thigh puts me on high.”

Nneoma blushed. No man had ever said that to her. Jackson complained all the time about the marks on her butt.

“It’s ugly, Jackson detests it,” she said.

“It’s sexy as hell. Just thinking about it makes me want you.” As if to prove a point, he took her hand and pressed it against his slacks. The smile he gave her was brazen and filled with promise. “See?”

Nneoma’s fingers trembled slightly as she unbuttoned his shirt, but she was rewarded with the sight of his hairy chest. She had never met such a naughty man as Akwang. He was real, sexy, mad, and raw. She couldn’t compare him to Jackson in anyway. Editi was right, she thought. He was the best man on earth. She slid her fingers through the coarse hair and buried her face against it, inhaling the scent of his body. Akwang helped her by shrugging off the shirt, his gaze never leaving her face.

The belt buckle and zipper on his slacks came next. Nneoma laughed at her ineptness.

“You’re beautiful, I wish I had met you long ago.”

Nneoma laughed, “You wouldn’t have married me, I used to be a bad girl,” she said calmly.

“I used to be a bad boy too,” he retorted.

“Obviously, a good guy won’t ever do the things you’re doing to me right now,” she said.

She stared at him in admiration. From his wide shoulders and chest to his flat stomach, he was such a desirable man. His thighs were hard and slightly muscular, as were his calves, both covered with dark hairs. There wasn’t an extra ounce on his body. Slowly she pulled down the waistband of his underwear, exposing his hardness.

He made love to her right there and then. It was passionate, the type he’d never had with any woman before. He held her face and asked worrisomely;

“Where have you been all my life?”

Her breath caught in her throat as she gazed at him. She touched him lightly, tentatively, and heard his sigh of pleasure.

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