Love In the Time Of Buhari [Chapter 17]


It was almost 11p.m, and Akwang had not still gone. Their eyes were heavy and everything seemed interesting, including the way she stared at him.

She suddenly moved toward him and relaxed on his arms.

He pushed her away gently. “This might lead to something else madam,” he said gently.

She knew he was right and nodded reluctantly, her cheeks flushed with embarrassment. He raised her to a sitting position and wanted to walk away when she grabbed him and held his shirt firmly.

“Don’t walk away from me please. I promise, I won’t let your wife know that we ever did this,” she said, begging in soft whispers.

“Do what?” Akwang asked, “Listen Nneoma, this isn’t just right. You know it isn’t right at all.”

She pulled off her top through and unhooked her brassiere immediately.

“Look at me, is this what you wanna miss?”

He took a deep breath and averted his gaze when he saw that her breast was almost driving him insane. He did not want to embarrass her more than was necessary. He quickly tried to push her away.

“Please don’t do this to me.”

He took her by surprise when he suddenly lifted her into his arms and placed her on the cold tiled floor. Then he began to nibble on her breast softly. “Thank you, oh yes thank you…” she managed to say without looking at him.

Her blonde hair hung limply about her face, but that did not detract from her beauty. He began to pull off his clothes, then she tried to force her mouth on him, but he didn’t want to kiss her at all.

She pulled off her shorts and screamed, “Do it to me just the way you do to your woman, do it!”

His beautiful mouth slid into a smile. “Don’t scream please, I am going to be gentle.”

“No, no, be hard, I will control myself,” she said breathing heavily as he mounted her, and rode her like he was on a horse. She moaned aloud until he placed his hand on her mouth.

It took hours. He turned her around and kept riding her. It was the most pleasurable moment of her life, a moment she’d always wished Jackson and her had for once.

When he finally reached the peak, he stopped and breathed heavily. She was sweet, he’d never tasted such a sweet woman. He regretted his actions despite the sweet pleasure that almost tore him apart. Her hands captivated him, there was something about her that made her seem special and odd.

“This will never happen again please,” he said. Coats of sweats dropping from his forehead down his eyes.

He wore back his clothes and walked out of the house hastily.

She smiled and wished he was going to get her pregnant the same way he made his wife pregnant too. It was all what she wanted, betrayal and guilty conscience could go to hell if they liked, but she was going to make him make love to her again.

She had a long bathe in the shower for the first time. She had waited for his sperm to stay in her for almost an hour, so that she could get pregnant easily. She wondered at what point everything changed. From being her neighbor to someone she was suddenly having sex with.

She laughed, falling back against the wall. It was what Jehovah wanted. It wouldn’t have led to this if he had given her a child long ago. Maybe if she had a child, she wouldn’t have cheated on her husband Jackson, she thought.

The sex was great. The man was great. She won’t lose anything if she gets pregnant. She would rather lose the friendship with Editi than not get pregnant at all.


For two days, she hadn’t seen Akwang. She didn’t have his number to call him. His car was parked outside, so she knew he was home. She knocked on his door and used the doorbell too. He opened the door and came out looking fresh and scenting of body butter.

“What do you want?” he asked sensually.

“Let’s talk first,” she said calmly.

He let her in. She walked in and began to strip off her Ankara wear immediately, standing naked right behind him. When he closed the door and turned and saw that she was naked, he said; “Now I know you’re mad. What if I had a guest?”

“Yes I am mad,” she replied softly.

“What do you want and why are you doing this?” he asked disturbed.

“I want you. You. You and You.”

“Get your sexy ass off here,” he said. Still, he rushed at her, carried her in his arms and placed her carefully on the dining table. Then he began to take off his clothes hastily like he was about to lose his mind if he didn’t.

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