Love In the Time Of Buhari [Chapter 16]


Nneoma took the last sip of her lemonade before she walked gently to the door to see who it was.

When she saw that it was Akwang, she tried to cover herself with her robe.

“Hello sir? Please come in,” she said nicely.

Akwang stepped into the house before he said, “My wife asked me to check on you often.” He smiled at her.

“Oh my! We talked a few hours ago. Don’t mind her, she is enjoying America,” She said as she led him to the sitting room.

“What may I offer you?” she asked.

“I’m fine, don’t worry please. I just had lunch at the restaurant down the road.”

“Eiya! You’ve started eating out. I think you can be coming here to have your meals whenever you want to.”

Akwang smiled, “I will see to that.”

She settled on the couch opposite him and smiled at him.

“So, how are you coping?” Akwang asked. She blushed. There should be nothing intimate about the way he asked the question, but she felt seduced. He was the most masculine man she had ever seen. It sounded weird and felt foolish that she suddenly felt something for him.

“I am okay. It’s just that I usually feel so lonely a lot of times.”

“I understand. I’m currently in your shoes right now. So I get the whole loneliness thing.” He paused, “We could hang out to free ourselves of this boredom one of these days.” He spoke without conceit.

“Oh well, I’ll be grateful,” she said.

She’d stared at him with admiration. He was just everything Editi always boasted about. Bold, dark,tall. Handsome in all ramifications. She’d once dreamt of them making love on the beach and she’d wished she wasn’t married at all, so that she could make her dreams come to reality.

“If you’re less busy, we could hang out, maybe see a movie or something,” Akwang said.


“No, not here. Let’s go to the cinema.”

“Oh, thanks. I haven’t been to the cinema for a while now,” she said. “Few minutes please, let me change.”

She rushed out of the sitting room. Akwang couldn’t take his eyes off her fine smooth legs. She was beautiful and he knew it. He watched the big photo frame of their wedding on the wall and wondered why she’d married a man as old as Jackson. She was such a young beautiful woman.

Not long after, she appeared in a bum short and a peplum blouse. Her blonde hair got to her waist. He led the way, while she followed him.

It almost seemed like they were the only neighbors in the compound until she’d stepped out that afternoon. She’d wondered what the other neighbors might think when they see her hanging out with her friend’s husband.

“I am so happy!” she said. There was a twinkle in his eyes.

“Of course, you ought to be. I am happy too,” he said. They watched movies together and ate popcorn and drank water while they laughed at the comedy displays by the thespians.

It was almost 9p.m when the second movie ended.

“Thank you so much for taking me out today. I haven’t had so much fun in a while.”

“Thank you too,” Akwang said as he opened the car door.

“If you are not sleepy, you can come over to my place for dinner,” she said.

“I think it should be ‘If I am hungry’, I can come over to your place for dinner,” Akwang said.

“Okay fine! You’re right.”

“There are clouds in the distance, I hope it won’t rain,” Akwang said.

“If it rains good. Though, the rains get me horny and wanting to be cuddled, I’ll be fine,” Nneoma said.

Akwang was uncomfortable with her words. He coughed and tried to change the topic of discussion, but Nneoma kept talking about sex and love.

When they got home, Akwang ate dinner at her house. It was unripe plantain and stew. After they were done, she brought out a bottle of white wine from the refrigerator and handed to him. “Let’s take wine,” she said sweetly.

He opened the wine and they both drank it slowly.

“This is nice,” he said, as he gulped down the wine till he emptied his glass cup.

Nneoma had taken more than her usual,so she was suddenly horny and wanting to be with a man.

Everything Akwang did made her feel like going crazy, from how he sipped his drink to the way he spoke. She’d noticed the way he spoke to her sweetly and she smiled to herself. She knew that he felt the same way about her too, but wasn’t ready to betray his wife. She didn’t care about betrayal. His wife wasn’t home, and her husband wasn’t home either. She was going to do what it took to get pregnant too with this man who was sitting beside her.

The thoughts of doing this was sudden, she didn’t think of it until now.

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