Love In the Time Of Buhari [Chapter 13]


Seven months afterwards, Nneoma and Editi became best of friends.

They were at a bar when a cocktail waitress appeared, and Editi and Nneoma placed an order. “Two piña coladas,” Editi said.

“And please tell the bartender to put a large slice of pineapple in each glass,” Nneoma added.

“Yes ma’am,” the waitress smiled as she scribbled down the order.

“Why pineapple, Nneoma? I doubt if it’s good for pregnant women, I haven’t seen it anywhere near fruits prescribed for pregnant women,” Editi said.

“I can eat yours if you’re not comfortable. I really want to take a selfie with the cocktail and lie to Jackson that I’m at the Bahamas with another man.”

Editi laughed, “He is going to run back home as soon as possible when he sees that.”

“It seems you don’t know my husband. He hasn’t realized he is getting old, he talks me down whenever I bring up the topic of us having a baby.” She paused then added, “We had a fight yesterday over the phone.”

“Not again Nne…”

“I am tired, I am tired already. I am thirty. I married when I was twenty five. My mates have three children, even my younger ones. I have prayed at the kingdom hall and nothing, absolutely nothing just worked. Is it that Jehovah isn’t God anymore?”

Editi stared at her pitifully, “I understand how you feel. At least, I had a taste of it.”

“You don’t have an idea Editi. Yours was just six months or less, mine is five fucken years getting to six. I am freaking out. I can’t comprehend why a woman should stay this long before she could conceive. A woman who is fertile, and her husband isn’t sterile either.”

“Nne, you’re already spoiling the good mood. We came here to hang out and be happy.”

Nneoma nodded gently. “I’m so sorry.  How is my god baby doing?” she asked as she rubbed her hand on Editi’s protruding belly.

Editi smiled, “I can’t wait to get over this, it’s tiring.”

“I can imagine.”

The drinks arrived. The waiter placed them carefully on the table left.

Editi slurped on her piña colada as though it were a milk shake. Finally she loosened up and said, “So, Akwang wants me to have our baby in the USA.”

“Oh wow!” Nneoma exclaimed.

“Do you think it’s a good idea?” Editi asked with a crooked smile.

“Haba Editi, most Nigerian women get excited about going to have their babies in the USA, I mean, it’s an achievement for them and the baby.”

“That sounds nice,” Editi teased.

“Oh well, except you don’t like good things, then stay in this sooty country and inconvenience my godchild.” She paused, “I won’t let that. Akwang and I will drag you to America.” She laughed.

Editi laughed too as she rushed the drink again.

“You better slow down on that drink,” Nneoma warned, “It may look like a vanilla milk shake, but I’m sure it’s loaded with alcohol.”

“Why do you think I’m guzzling it?”

“Because I can see with my own eyes.” Nneoma replied as she giggled.

Not long after they finished their drink, Jackson called that he was home. Nneoma jumped off her seat abruptly, “He is home, my husband is home!” she said excitedly.

After Nneoma had paid, she walked hastily to the car, while Editi walked gently behind her. Nneoma drove home that day smiling and thinking of what she was going to make for her husband for dinner.


After she kissed him on the lip, she rushed to the kitchen to make him dinner. Before she finished, Jackson had gone to bed.

She rushed at him and shook him hard.

“Wake up! Make love to me you damn old man!” she yelled as she loosened the ribbon of her apron.

“Are you a whore? Why do you wanna force yourself on me?” Jackson yelled back at her thunderously.

“Make love to me! I have been in this house for three months and a half, staying in here, waiting for you. I do not have a sex toy! It won’t satisfy me! I do not have a baby to play with, to cuddle with when you’re not home, make love to me damn you!” she began to yell.

As the noise became louder, Jackson took a pillow and walked out hastily from the room to the sitting room.

“You’re not a man, look at you! Your mates have teenagers and adult children! All you do is work, work, work! Who are you working for? You can’t impregnate me, you’re not a man, shame on you!” her voice echoed through the walls.

She screamed and clapped her hands thunderously until it was almost midnight.

Editi couldn’t sleep, she looked through the window to see if she could have a view of what was happening.

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