I have seen death wrap 

tragedy in a neat bow of sleep,

while loved ones’ chests

heave in failed attempts at

smouldering the tears. 

I have watched hunger,

sting a child to submission,

in front of a disinterested father,

who would rather his gin and juice,

than the child’s pap and milk.

I have watched sadness

envelope a dark world

while humans, 

hands now scrawny, scramble 

for light, any light. 

Then you came.

Queen-mother unparalleled,

hands outstretched,

waltzing through a crowd of;

the ailing

the hungry

the devoid-of-hope.

A kiss here, a touch there,

and dry bones cackled to life,

tongues unfurled by victory songs.

Your smile—

that heart-melting motion—

incinerating the dark clouds

of a cold world,

lodestar to a drowning world. 

When altars are built for life and love, 

it shall be your effigy that boldly adorns:




through histories,

for all eternity. 

  • “Lodestar” is an ode to Stephanie