Letters to Yahweh [Chapter 16]


    It makes you think of killing yourself. It makes you suicidal, angry, bitter and frustrated. A marriage like mine. 

    My home was not a place that made me happy. It wasn’t a place that anyone would wish to be at.  Not even a father like mine, wished I belonged there. 

    I knew what Papa would do when he arrived my house. After he might have seen the injuries on my face, he would have asked Henry to come get his bride price. 

    He would say to me, “Never you stay in an abusive marriage. Not for any reason.” It is what he used to say to his sister, my Aunty Paulina who married a drug addict in Canada. 

    “So, you had the mind to call your father?” Henry asked me from the gate. I ignored him and said nothing. 

    “You’re the only one who has a father,” he clicked the gate open and said, “If not for my innocent son, I won’t let you pass through this gate.”

    I managed to stand on my feet, then I walked into the house, carrying Enoima who had long slept in my arms. 

    I was in Enoima’s bedroom.

    I bathed him, fed him with his milk and laid him in his swing to sleep. Then I had my bath and laid gently on the bed. The picture of Lolita was still in my head. Her skin, her bum shorts, her gold colored hair and her long painted nails. She was nothing compared to me. She was fair and classy looking. 

    Henry walked into the room, I looked at him in distaste. He tried touching the cut on my cheek where he’d slapped me.

    “I am really sorry for what I did. Please when your father comes, just tell him that we’ve settled,” he said.

    I closed my eyes and opened them, wishing I never called Papa at first. 

    He moved to the swing and carried Enoima gently from it and placed him on the bed.

    Then he sat beside me, “I am really sorry for what happened today,” he said. 

    “I don’t believe it,” I said aloud. “I don’t believe that you’re sorry. Hold on a minute, were you truly born again or you just fooled me?” I asked.

    My phone suddenly rang and I picked immediately. It was Chidera, and I knew she would tell me she had arrived. 

    “I’m in Uyo,” she said.

    “Oh thank God for safe journey.” 

    “Take care of my Enoima and thank you for the hospitality,” she yawned. “I’m so tired already.” 

    “I should be thanking you bestie,” I replied. 

    “Your voice is dull, are you okay?” she asked. 

    “Yeah, I’m okay.” 

    “Okay then. Just try and get a nanny to help you out with the house chores. Kiss my Enoima for me,” she said and hung up. 

    Then the phone rang again, it was Papa’s call this time. My heart trembled as I checked the clock on the wall. It was just almost 5 p.m and I doubted papa was in Port Harcourt already. 

    “Please pick and tell him that we have settled,” Henry said with false joviality. 

    “My father has to know what happened first,” I said. 

    He frowned, “Must you call your father every time we have a misunderstanding? Must you? Are you a small girl?” he asked. 

    My phone rang again and this time, I picked the call without looking at the screen of my phone. Whatever came out of my mouth, was what I was going to say to Papa. 

    “Nene, it’s me your Uncle Akure,” the voice came in shakily through the phone. “We had an accident o! Your father died flat!” Uncle Akure said. 

    “Jesus!” I exclaimed, and fell to the bed, and passed out. I came to when cold water was being poured on my body. I got up immediately and screamed, “My father is dead, my father…where is my father… my father…” I cried out. 

    Henry and I packed our bags into his car. He carried Enoima’s clothes and food and threw them inside the booth. Henry got an ambulance that would carry Papa’s body to Uyo. As we drove out of the busy and sooty Port Harcourt city into the highway that led to the accident scene, I could only imagine what Papa’s body might look like. 

    When I saw Uncle Akure from where I was sitting in the car, I screamed, “We’re here! stop! stop!” 

    Enoima was in the car, sleeping peacefully. I rushed out from the car, and I saw bodies of people covered with wrappers and the clothes they wore. 

    “Uncle Akure!” I screamed, “Where is Papa?” I asked. Uncle Akure was sitting on the sandy floor, his two hands placed on his head when he pointed at Papa’s lifeless body. I opened it carefully and cried bitterly. 

    Henry was still in the car, he couldn’t step down. He couldn’t just imagine standing by the man who died because of us. 

    “Have you called home?” I asked Uncle Akure tearfully.

    “Your mother will die immediately she hears this,” he said. 

    I looked at Papa’s face and I could only imagine the things he would have said to Henry. I cried till my voice was hoarse. 

    Then my phone rang. It was Mama. I knew what she wanted to ask me. I knew she wanted to know if Papa had arrived.

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