Kissing Kenechukwu [Chapter 9]


The noise wouldn’t go away. A low sound from the doorbell crept into Mmayen’s dreams. She opened her eyes and glanced around the bedroom. Without waking Kenechukwu, she slipped from the covers and tiptoed to the sitting room at the front. She peeped through the window and when she saw a lady with a blonde hair, she frowned. What was a lady doing at Kenechukwu’s house that early? She asked herself.

She rushed back to the bedroom and woke Kenechukwu, “A girl is at your door!”

“The house cleaner?” he asked.

“Not a house cleaner, a girl who looks like a club girl!” she replied meanly.

He frowned. “Is that why you woke me?”

He buried his face in the pillow and went back to sleep.

The doorbell kept ringing and she walked back to the door and said,

“Who’s there?”

“It’s me Tochukwu,” the lady said shrilly.

Mmayen carefully opened the door and when she saw the beautiful lady’s round faced that looked almost like Kenechukwu’s, she said, “Hello, Good morning.”

“Good morning,” Tochukwu replied calmly, staring at Mmayen surprisingly.

“I am his sister. Is he home?”

“Yeah. He is in his bedroom.”

“Okay,” she said and walked through the doorway without waiting for an invitation.

Mmayen wondered why she’d come that early. She quietly walked to the coffee dispenser to pour herself a cup of coffee.

“You just woke me from sleep, you know how much I hate this,” Kenechukwu said.

“I’m sorry, mom said you haven’t been picking her calls, she is worried.”

“Why would she be worried just because I didn’t pick her calls? Does she know how busy I have been? “

Tochukwu rolled her eyes, “I can see how busy you’ve been…”

“I know why you’re here, but please I won’t welcome any conversation concerning my love life. I am an adult, you people should leave me alone.”

“Well, you’re wrong, that’s not why I’m here, “ Tochukwu folded her arms across her chest.

“Then why?”

“Mom is worried about you and Sarafina.”

Kenechukwu laughed.

“Sarafina Udenze has moved on, why should mom be worried? Isn’t she your friend on Instagram? Haven’t you seen her with the Senator’s son flaunting themselves in speed boats, private jets and loving up themselves?  Listen to me, I can’t marry someone with an AS genotype. If this is why you came to see me, we’ve moved on. You saw a girl here right? That’s my new woman. We’re in love and I don’t want any nonsense news about Sarafina to ruin us.”

He got up from the bed and gave a loud sigh.

“This girl that is in your house right now, what does she do?”

“Does she need to do anything to qualify to be my woman?”

“It has always been your criteria for a woman you’d love.”

“Not anymore. Love doesn’t seek all those criteria. I am in love.”

Tochukwu laughed a girly laugh.

“You’re not serious, are you?”

“When you’re done with your amebo, leave please. I’m not ready for all that nonsense talk.” He said and walked to his toilet sink, took a Listerine mouth rinse, poured it into his mouth and rinsed for a few moments.

“I’m leaving. I’ll tell mom that you’re fine,” Tochukwu said.

Kenechukwu poured out the mouth wash into the sink, took a toothbrush and said, “I hope she is okay?”

“Find out for yourself. Call her, you have her number,” his sister replied and walked away.

When Tochukwu got to the sitting room and saw Mmayen, she glanced at her for few moments, trying to see if she really matched her brother’s taste. She stared at her long curly hair, her straight long face and melanin shiny skin and the surface of her finger nails.

“You’re?” she asked Mmayen whose eyes were fixed on the TV screen.


“What name is that?”

“Akwa Ibom.”

“You’re not even Igbo?” she asked in amazement.

Mmayen nodded, “My mother is Igbo, my father is Annang.”

Tochukwu waved, “At least, you have Igbo blood in you,” she said and walked away.

Mmayen stared at her until she slammed the door. She was still watching the Ellen Genere’s show when Kenechukwu came out, wearing a pyjamas.

“Good morning angel,” he said as he sat beside her and kissed her cheeks.

“You smell of Listerine.”

“Yeah…I just rinsed my mouth.”

“Okay” she said calmly.

“You don’t look bright. I hope my crazy sister didn’t upset you?”

“No, she didn’t.”

“She won’t dare,” Kenechukwu said.

“I hope everything is fine?”

“Yeah, she came to complain that my mom has been missing me and all that.”

He sighed and pulled her close to himself, “Don’t mind these women, they won’t kill me.”

Mmayen laughed. “You’re her only son?” she asked.

“Nope. My younger brother and I, then a sister. She is my elder sister, Tochukwu is. How about you?”

“I have three big brothers. I am the last child and only girl,” Mmayen said.

“Oh, so you’re the spoilt one huh?”

He kissed her neck.

“No, no. I’m actually the one that suffered the most. My dad died immediately I was born. My step-father groomed us. He is a good man. He also taught me how to drive. “

“Oh love, I’m so sorry baby. Even if you won’t make me your daddy, make me your sugar daddy.”

Mmayen turned and looked at his face, and they both burst into a loud laughter.

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