Kissing Kenechukwu [Chapter 7]


“Is there a wild side of you that I should know of?” Kenechukwu asked.

“Like?” Mmayen asked.

“Like anything at all.”

“A wild side, wild side…” She muttered repeatedly. “Hmm! I love sex. I love to have sex with someone I’m crazy in love with.”

Kenechukwu shot her a surprise look. “You don’t look like someone who loves sex.”

“Well, it’s not written on the face. I love sex, and I think it’s wild.”

“Then you’re a hell of a fun lover to be stranded with in an elevator.”

Mmayen burst into a loud laugh. Kenechukwu smiled.

“So, what do you do for fun?” she asked.

“I work. I visit the golf resort most Saturdays and I also play volleyball atimes. I read.”

Mmayen gazed at him, “No woman at all?”

“But I told you an hour ago that I don’t have any woman. Not even a female friend. Since Sarafina and I broke up, I haven’t been in a relationship. Not even an ordinary friend.”

“So, I am your what now?”  Mmayen asked.

“Lover. By the time I’m done making love to you, you would wish you didn’t make me beg you.”

Mmayen took a long sip of her drink, knowing that Kenechukwu was watching. One or two droplets landed on her bottom lip and she licked them with her tongue. She could never bore him.

“I bet the men who broke your heart must be regretting now,” he said.

“Yes, as a matter of fact, one of them have been on his knees begging to marry me for months now. But I don’t love him anymore, he did something I am even ashamed to share with you right now.”

“Then it’s better not to share. I don’t want this lovely moment of ours to be ruined by some bad nigga.”

She faced him squarely, “I just hope you won’t hurt me too. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life. I never wanted any man.”

Kenechukwu sipped his wine quietly.

“You can’t stay without a man. You’re a woman who loves sex.”

“See? You’re already using my words against me. It’s our first date sir, don’t ruin it.”

“There is absolutely nothing wrong in loving sex. It’s same as loving food or something else.”

“I can’t believe it’s 8:30p.m already,” she said, changing the subject entirely and staring at the wall clock.

“It’s Friday baby, let’s have fun. No time is too late on Friday evenings,” Kenechukwu said with a laugh.

Mmayen drained her glass and refused to refill. Two glasses of wine made her uncomfortable; made her say things that were better left unsaid.

“I just wish you will be the woman I have always longed for,” he said as he held her hand to his chest.

There was a flicker of lust in Mmayen’s eyes before she answered, “I wish so too boss.”

“Call me Kenechukwu,” he said. The silence stretched between them.

“I guess that will be after I have gotten used to calling you that. Kenechukwu sounds so heavy in my mouth,” she burst into a soft laugh.

“I understand. And you never expected that I’d fall in love with you,” Kenechukwu retorted.

“Why not? Anyone can fall in love with anybody.”

“Take more wine.”

Kenechukwu held the bottle of red wine and poured some into Mmayen’s glass cup. Mmayen could tell he wanted to make her drunk.

“I think we should continue at home, I am tired of here. We can hang out again if you want. Let me freshen up a bit.”

She shoved her wine glass away. Fanning herself with her hand.

Kenechukwu stood to his feet immediately and called for the waiter. After he made payments, he held Mmayen’s hand and walked out elegantly from the bar.

“Will you drive? I enjoy your driving a lot,” Kenechukwu said.

“I am getting tipsy,” She said tiredly.

“Let me not take that risk,” Kenechukwu said, laughing, and got into the car. She opened the car door gently, and entered. In her mind, she had wondered why Kenechukwu wasn’t like the other men who opened car doors for their women.

They drove quietly home and as soon as she alighted from his car, she rushed to the sitting room nervously while Kenechukwu followed her with her luggage.

“I want to pee,” she said hastily.

Kenechukwu laughed. “You can use my bedroom toilet. I can’t remember the last time I heard the word ‘pee’”

“Show me a nearby toilet first,” she said hastily, holding herself patiently.

“Go straight, the next turn by your right is the guest toilet, “ he said.

Mmayen rushed down to the guest toilet, while Kenechukwu went to the refrigerator and pulled out two steaks that had been marinating. He disappeared into his bedroom and came out with a tall bottle of wine.

When he heard the flushing sound from the guest toilet water cistern, and then the running water from the toilet sink, he knew that Mmayen was done.

“I wanna grill steaks for us at my backyard, you mind?” he asked.

“I don’t mind. You have a griller?”

He nodded.

“Do you like yours cooked or?”

She looked up from wiping her hands on her shirt. “Medium rare, please.”

He giggled at her. She was such a baby, Kenechukwu thought.

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