Kissing Kenechukwu [Chapter 5]


Kenechukwu gently removed his robe, and it fell on the floor, and Mmayen stared at it wondrously. She knew that he was naked, but couldn’t look at him.

“You’ll have to get naked and lie in my arms.”

He grabbed her face and said, “Look at me.”

“No!” she exclaimed.

“Look at me!”

“No!” she said again and walked hastily away. She felt the sting of tear when she got into the bedroom.

Kenechukwu carried his robe slowly, wore it back on his body and walked hastily to the guest bedroom.

He opened the door gently and when she saw him, she started unbuttoning her shirt.

“I am sorry,” he said as he saw the sting of tear. “We don’t have to do this anymore.”

He rushed to her and held her hands, stopping her from unbuttoning. But she pushed him off gently.

“I am sorry. I have been horny for a while now, and thought I should just quench the taste with the only woman I’m in love with.”

“That’s not why I’m upset,”  she swiped at a tear. “It’s only that, I have been hurt by men whom I thought loved me.”

“Let’s not talk about your past. I am not in your past. I am right in front of you, telling you how much I love you today.”

Tears fell from her eyes.

“You’re crying?” he asked in disbelief. He reached for her, but she escaped him.

“Forget I said anything, I wouldn’t have your body on a gold platter. I am not trying to cheapen your worth, you’re not a toy, if that’s how I made you feel.”

He reached out and caught a tear on his fingertip. Without saying a word he pulled her into his arms and held her.

“I didn’t mean to make you cry,” he said gently. “It’s just that you’re so beautiful, it’s hard to concentrate on anything else. I have been in love with you for long Mmayen, and I wanted to make good use of this special moment. I just wanted an opportunity to say these things and just have a feel of you.”

“By wanting to make love to me? Love isn’t sex,” Mmayen said.

“I am sorry. I am aware love isn’t sex. I never knew that would upset you. I am sorry. Don’t hate me for it,” he said and was about to walk out when she held him back. She wanted him too, but didn’t want to regret making love with her boss.

“Let’s do it,” she said softly.

“What exactly do you want?” he asked as he stood and rammed his hands in the pocket of his robe.

Mmayen was mute. She didn’t know how she was going to tell him that she wanted him as much as he did, but she was afraid of another heartbreak.

“I don’t just want to do this anymore,” she hissed and settled on the bed.

Kenechukwu felt his face burn in anger. For a moment, all he could do was stare in disbelief. When she spoke, her words were controlled.

“I am not supposed to be here. I am supposed to be in my house, but you brought me here because you just want to use me and dump me like trash, just like you do to other women,” Mmayen ranted.

Kenechukwu didn’t know what to say, he was embittered. He cursed himself mentally for not being able to hold his sexual urge and control his feelings for her. It would have been someone else and not his staff, he thought. He looked up and saw her looking at him in an odd way. He walked away and slammed the door afterwards.

Mmayen fell back on the bed and wished he was going to come back and make love to her, or plead and kneel at her feet. But he had gone to bed.

He fell on his bed and sighed softly. He was angery and regretted ever revealing his intentions at first, and keeping Mmayen at his office. The thought jolted him to the soles of his feet. He needed a woman in his life and forcing a woman on himself was the last thing he thought to do.

For some odd reason, he woke up quite early; had his bath and didn’t have breakfast. His boy wondered why. It was the first time his boss, Kenechukwu skipped breakfast.

He began work as soon as he got to the office.

This particular day was unusual, Kenechukwu wasn’t happy. He’d called for a staff meeting and when he noticed that Mmayen wasn’t available to give a report as head of her department he’d gone crazy.

“Where is Mmayen Ekpo?” he asked.

“She is not here sir. We’ve called her several times, but she isn’t picking,” Stella, one of the staff said.

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