Kissing Kenechukwu [Chapter 4]


Mmayen could count how many times Kenechukwu took the fork to his mouth. He wasn’t interested in the food, his eyes were fixed on her. She gulped down the soured white wine and belched aloud.

“So sorry,” she said as she realized she had done something horrible in her boss’ sight.

“That’s disgusting,” Kenechukwu said.

“I know sir, I’m really sorry,” she said calmly.

“I won’t forgive you, unless you give me a kiss,” he said sensually. Mmayen put down her face shyly. She’d wished Kenechukwu meant his words. She was ready to kiss him wherever he wanted it. The influence of the alcohol she’d just gulped down wouldn’t let her think straight.

He was almost tempted to stand up and drag her to kiss him. But he was a gentleman who didn’t want to ruin his night by forcing a worker he was in love with to forcefully kiss him.

“I have to go to sleep now sir,” Mmayen said thoughtfully as she stood to clear the table.

“Don’t worry about that, you should kiss me. My boy can clear the table, it’s not your responsibility,” he said thoughtfully.

“Thank you sir, the food was good,” she commended.

Kenechukwu studied her. He didn’t know how to tell her that he wanted her so bad.

“Should we see a movie?” he asked.

Mmayen checked the clock on the wall, it was half past one in the morning and she was already thinking of how she was going to work later.

“Sir, I really want to sleep, I’m tired,” she said weakly.

Kenechukwu felt his stomach lurch at the look in her eyes. What was a man like him doing with his staff in his house at an ungodly hour? He didn’t understand how and why he’d fallen for Mmayen. He would never believe it if he was told that any of his female workers was going to sit on his dining table and have meaningless discussions with him. Mmayen was his kind of girl; beautiful, dark and tall, just the way he’d always wanted.

“You haven’t finished your wine,” Kenechukwu said.

“It’s not really my fave.”

“Oh, you should have said so. I don’t take the other wines, they are for women.”

Mmayen rolled her eyes.

“What’s that for?” he asked.

“What sir?”

“You rolled your eyes at me, why is that?” he asked.

“I am feeling sleepy,” she replied yawning.

“I want to kiss you, I really want to.” He took the last sip of the red wine and stood to his feet, shifting the chair backward to give him space to walk out.

Mmayen gave him a shocking glare. “And your enormous ego tells you I’m not going to stop you from bringing your lips close to mine?”

He was smiling as he walked close to her.

“And what if I kiss you?” he said as his thumb traced her bottom lip.

“You know I’m going to kiss you,” he said coolly. He got close to her and held her hands, she became weak when she felt his touch. He captured her lips. He’d been wanting to kiss her and make love to her for what seemed like eternity, but for some reasons he’d allowed their chemistry to come to a mutual term before making moves. He was certain she liked her too. He wasn’t too sure until he started noticing the way she also stared at him on different occasions at the office.

In few months that she’d worked under him, he had wondered what was so magical about her that would make him break his dating rules. He was never going to date his staff, he had vowed.

The kiss was getting sweeter as he grabbed her tongue and licked it like it tasted like the sweetest lollipop he’d ever had. His voice startled her in the quiet of the room, it was husky, bold and baritone at the same time.

“I love you, I really do,” he mumbled as he struggled, breathing softly, smelling of Adidas soap and Nivea deodorant.

“It’s easy to say…” she retorted.

“I mean it!” he exclaimed. He couldn’t help but reach out and trace the delicate line of her jaw.

“Why do you think I don’t love you enough?” he asked.

She shrugged. “Because I can’t believe I am right before you by this time, in your house, wearing your shirt and that we just kissed. It’s like a dream. I have always wanted this day. You’ve been my crush since the day I met you. But, this is too sudden, just too sudden.”

“And you’ve got no idea how much I have always wished for a moment like this.”

His tongue slipped past her lips and sought the delights within. His arms tightened around her. Mmayen leaned against him, feeling the strength in his arms and chest. His lips never stilled. His tongue traced her bow shaped mouth, then he took her bottom lip between the teeth. Mmayen shivered with pleasure. One hand slipped beneath the shirt she wore and cupped a breast, then teased the nipple. Mmayen felt her head spin. Low in her belly, a delightful warmth began to spread.

Kenechukwu reached for her hand and pressed it against the front of his pyjamas, where his arousal was noticeable. Mmayen sucked in her breath at the intimate gesture. When Kenechukwu broke the kiss, they were both gasping for air.

“See what you’ve done to me?” he asked. His voice was thick, his eyes glazed with passion. “I want you Mmayen.”


“We’re not children. You know damn well that I want to do this with you.”

“It’s too soon.”

“Says who?”

“You’re my boss.”

“What are you afraid of?”

“Sir,” she said. He put a hand across her lips and said,

“Call me Kenechukwu. What are you afraid of?”

Mmayen took a deep breath. She looked as though she was prepared to answer the question.

“I am afraid. How will I face you tomorrow at the office? How am I going to walk around with the other staff, having it at the back of my mind that you’ve seen every bare part of my body?”

“You’re afraid if we make love you’ll fall in love with me,” he said boldly. She stared at his eyes and nodded.


“But you’re already in love with me,” he said.

She brought down her face and looked at his feet which was in a white flipflop, and nodded calmly.

“I don’t want to get messy boss,” she said simply.

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