Kissing Kenechukwu [Chapter 20]


Mmayen was teary, sad and broken. She walked hastily to her office and packed all her files, shutdown her computers and turned to Solomon who was standing by her, “I will send my resignation letter to you tonight,” she cried.

“What’s happening Mmayen, you’re our best lawyer, whatever the boss said or did shouldn’t make you react this way,” Solomon said.

“You won’t understand. You won’t…” she said with tears and walked out of the office.

She went back home and cried till morning. She scrolled through her phone over a hundred times, constantly on Kenechukwu’s timeline and visiting his Instagram page too.

She finally blocked him on all social media accounts, including WhatsApp.

She drank herself to stupor and then to sleep every night she realized Kenechukwu never called nor sent a message. And every morning and evening, she’d look through her window to see if she would hear the horn of his car, or the scent of his perfume, or his footsteps walking to her door.

One month passed, and when she saw that she was becoming broke, she thought of selling her car, but it was the only thing that reminded her  of Kenechukwu, and she didn’t want to think of him anymore.

She wondered about her tiredness. Could it be that she was just depressed and didn’t know? Not hearing from Kenechukwu had made her feel lower each day.

On this day, the knock was hard on the door. She thought and wished it was Kenechukwu. She walked hastily to the door and when she opened it, she saw Sarafina.

The rat-tat-tat of Sarafina’s high heels sounded strange in the deathly quiet of her sitting room.

“What do you want and how did you find my house?” She asked with anger in her tone.

“Isn’t Lagos too small? This city isn’t big. Don’t worry about how I got to know you live here, I have people everywhere in this town,” Sarafina said proudly.

Mmayen folded her hands across her chest. “What do you want?”

Sarafina smiled sensually at her, “So many things dear. First, I know that Kenechukwu might want to come back to you, or is probably begging you to be in his life, but that’s not my business,” she chuckled. “It will be my business if you accept him back and ruin our love affair. You made him go on social media to publicly deny that his account was hacked and that he never proposed to me which was a lie.”

She showcased the engagement ring on her finger stylishly, “Look at the engagement ring he gave to me…”

“Why are you here?”

“Leave Kenechukwu!”

She sat down on her couch and crossed her legs.

“Kenechukwu and I aren’t dating anymore, you can have him and leave me alone please.”

Sarafina laughed, “Let me seal that with a cheque of 5millon naira.”

“What do you mean?”

“I will pay you in case he wants to come back, you can just not go back to him at all,” Sarafina stood to her feet and dusted her skirt. She dipped her hand in her bag and brought out a cheque, “It is signed. You can put your name there.”

She dropped it on the table and walked away.

“Bye Mmayen, and thank you for your cooperation.”

Mmayen paused, not knowing exactly what to say. She shot her a grin that told her she was enjoying her act. She stared at her as she walked away. She knew she needed the money, after all, Kenechukwu was never going to come back to her again.

Mmayen cashed the cheque she was given. Her house kept giving her memories of Kenechukwu and she didn’t want that. The car reminded her of him too, but she still kept it. She packed out of her apartment and moved to Lekki. She had started spending the money Sarafina gave to her. She furnished her apartment to a taste that will make her forget Kenechukwu, but his memory kept haunting her.

Stella had called to tell her that the boss wasn’t in the country for over a month now, and had called to enquire what happened. But she hung the call on her and wouldn’t pick any further.

The morning she was called for her new job interview, she slipped on her bathtub and laid there for hours, weeping and muttering words. She’d started feeling sick, her temperature became high as she shivered in pains. She managed to stand and walk gently to her room. She wore her dress in pains as she quivered.

She drove herself to the hospital on her new estate. The doctor ran a test on her and after a few hours she was called to meet with a gynecologist.

“A gynaecologist?” she asked the nurse who was standing right in front of her.

“Yes ma.”

She stood weakly and followed the nurse who directed her to the gynaecologist’s office.

“Good evening to you, lady,” the white man said. He was the gynecologist.

“How are you feeling now?” he asked in American accent. Mmayen nodded.

“From the result sent to me here,” he said, struggling behind his spectacles to see what was on the computer screen, “You fell on a bathtub?” Mmayen nodded, Yes sir.”

“You’re so lucky, no severe injuries, only headache and fever?”

Mmayen nodded.

“You’re lucky it didn’t cause a miscarriage, that would have been a sad one.”

Mmayen’s heart fell. “Miscarriage?” she asked, bewildered.

“Yes, Miscarriage. You’re pregnant. “

Mmayen became confused, she didn’t know what to say.

“My mom is going to kill me, abasi mmi! My mother will finish me,” she exclaimed.

“You have to meet the father of your child and you two can decide on what you want. We have therapists here you could talk to….”

The white gynecologist kept saying things Mmayen didn’t hear anymore.

Her mind had gone far. She didn’t know what to do or say.

She drove home crying like a child, wishing she didn’t get the new apartment so that she could have enough money to take care of her baby. She was never going to beg Kenechukwu to be a part of her life anymore. For her, abortion wasn’t an option at all.

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