Kissing Kenechukwu [Chapter 2]


She inhaled sharply.

“Sir,” she chuckled and then began to laugh. “Okay. I don’t have any boyfriend,” she said laughing.

“That’s a good sign,” Kenechukwu said.

“What’s a good sign?” Mmayen asked.

“That you don’t have a boyfriend is a good sign that you and I are meant for each other.”

Mmayen laughed.

“Don’t laugh. It turns me on,” Kenechukwu said huskily, staring directly into her eyes with a frowning face that made his words seem serious.  He looked into her face, trying to gauge her feelings.

“Look at me!” he said fiercely, as he stood to his feet.

“I am in love with you Mmayen,” he said.

Mmayen’s heart softened. She liked Kenechukwu, but she didn’t believe he would ever ask her to be his lover. She’d imagined it once at the staff meeting auditorium, when he was talking. She’d placed her eyes on his lips. Such a cute man wouldn’t give her the opportunity to display her kissing talent. But he was her boss, and she didn’t understand why it made her feel uncomfortable and weird to fall in love with her boss at the first place.

“No,” she said softly and seeming fragile.

“What are you saying no to?” he asked.

She became confused at Kenechukwu’s question. He seemed ready to leave, as he tried putting on his tie.

“What are you saying no to?” he asked again as he walked over to her and moved his hand to her neck, his fingers tightening. She knew she should stop it before the feelings he was about putting on fire explodes. Instead, she lifted her face to him, “I don’t know what to say now sir.”

Kenechukwu smiled. It was the first time he smiled since she walked into his office. Kenechukwu hardly smiled. Even if he made the best joke of the day, he said it with a serious face. He was like that, and his staff feared him. He wasn’t mean, but they dispersed when they saw him.  He was one of the most daring and fiercely looking man most of his staff, male or female had ever worked with. They talked about him in private. They talked about his height, his perfume and his dress sense. And some of them had wondered how his girlfriend copes with his unsmiling face each passing day.

“I am telling you that I’m in love with you, and you’re saying no, why?” he asked as he lifted her chin to his face. She became shy.

“This isn’t good,” she said.

“What isn’t good? If loving you is wrong then tell me what I should do right.”

“You’re my boss!” she exclaimed.

“And so?”

A light knock suddenly came on the door and Kenechukwu already knew who it was. It was the office security man.

“Oga, I dey greet o,” he said aloud.

“How are you Marcus?” Kenechukwu asked.

“Oga fine. Oga ten don knack o.”

“Jez!” Mmayen exclaimed as she looked at the large clock on the wall.

“Okay Marcus, thank you.”

I have to leave now, I don’t even know if I will be allowed into my compound. The gate is usually locked at exactly 9pm,” Mmayen said as she stood to her feet.

“Don’t worry, I will drive you there,” Kenechukwu said, then added, “Where exactly is your house?”

“Ajah,” she said.

“Ah! Hold up will keep us for another hour,” Kenechukwu said.

“Don’t worry, I know other routes. short cuts,” she said.

“I don’t like all that short cuts, don’t worry, I will take the normal route I know, through Lekki.”

“That’s too far. I can show you another way,” she said firmly.

Kenechukwu took a sharp breath.

“Do you know how to drive?” he asked. Mmayen nodded reluctantly.

“You’ll drive then. I’m already so tired.”

Mmayen became upset. She didn’t understand why her boss had kept her for hours in his office, talking about befriending her and falling in love with her.

“Let’s go,” Kenechukwu said as he handed the keys to his G-wagon to her. “You’ll drive,” he said, took his suitcase and walked away. Mmayen stared at the keys in her hands for moments, sighed and exhaled. She hurriedly walked behind him and when she got to where the car was parked, she gave him a stare.

“Go ahead, the car is open, get in and start it. You’re late already.”

She quietly got into the car and started it.

“Your seatbelt,” Kenechukwu said.  She put on the seatbelt and moved the car slowly into the road.

“Are you afraid to drive? You’re driving like a learner. Move it, except you want to sleep outside,” Kenechukwu said. But Mmayen was calm and quiet as she began to speed into the main road.

“Your perfume scents nice,” Kenechukwu said romantically.

“Thank you sir,” she said as she blew the horn for a car that was about driving into her lane.

“Who taught you how to drive?” he asked.

“My father,” she said.

“Great. He taught you well,” he said.

They’d reached a certain point when the hold up began. She sighed and kept checking the time on her cell phone.

“I think you should sleep at my place tonight. I doubt if we can make it through this holdup on time. Especially now that you’re in a hurry. Plus the curfew.”

“I can’t do that,” she retorted calmly, but there was anger in her tone.

“Why?” he asked.

“I don’t sleep out like that sir.”

“Oh, you only sleep at your man’s house huh?

While she hesitated, trying to rebuff that blunt indictment, she gave a soft chuckle to avoid him noticing that she didn’t like his last sentence.

“I don’t have a boyfriend. I don’t need one.”

“Every woman needs a man,” Kenechukwu retorted with a mischievous smile. Mmayen’s face was still mean. She managed to drive through the holdup and when she got to the junction of her street, she inhaled.

“Here we are. I just wish Adamu will open the gate for me,” she muttered to herself.

Kenechukwu had long fallen asleep and she’d blamed him so much for making her miss her curfew. As she approached her gate, she unfixed her seatbelt and turned calmly to Kenechukwu, “I’m here sir,” she said, tapping him gently on the chest. He suddenly held her hands, “I know. I’m with you,” he yawned. “I’m so tired. I can’t believe that I am not in bed by this time.”

Mmayen had wanted to say ‘You caused it sir. We would have been home by now.’ But she was scared he was going take it as an insult.

Being around Kenechukwu, you have to be careful with the words you use, he might find them offensive if not carefully constructed.

Mmayen blew the horn for moments, then the security man’s baritone voice came from behind the gate. “Na who you be?”

“It’s me Mmayen,” she said softly.

“Ah! Aunty, why you come back late today na? Oga landlord go sack me if I open this gate.”

“Please I can explain to him tomorrow. I won’t let him sack you,” she said girlishly.

“It’s dangerous to stand there. Come into the car let’s go. Tomorrow morning you can come back and get dressed for work,” Kenechukwu said as he alighted from the car and mounted the driver’s seat.

“I can’t sir.”

“Why? Do you want to sleep there? It’s dangerous. From the tone of that security man’s voice, he won’t open the gate.”

Mmayen stood for a while and watched as Kenechukwu reversed the car. He turned and drove slowly to her. “Get in, let’s leave this place,” he said. She opened the car door reluctantly and entered. Her face was worrisome and sad.

“I am so tired. I won’t mind if you drive me. I enjoy your driving,” Kenechukwu said with a smile.

“No. I don’t know my way to your house.”

“I can direct you,” he yawned. “I am so tired already.”

“I am sorry sir.”

He held her hands.

“Stop calling me sir. We’re not at the office. You can call me that when we are at the office,” he said.

“Kenechukwu, but you’re my boss.”

“Yes, I’m your boss. But right now, I am about to be your lover.”

Mmayen chuckled.

“I know you like me. I see it in your eyes whenever we’re having a meeting at the staff meeting room. I see the way you look at me,” Kenechuwku said huskily as he drove into the main road.

“It’s the same way you look at me too,” she retorted.

“Oh, so you noticed?”

She nodded.

“I think you really have to stop all the drama and accept my proposal.”

“What  proposal sir?”

“Being my lover. I want you to be my lover. I want to be your boyfriend,” he said.

Mmayen smiled. She was aware of every move Kenechukwu was about to make. She sensed it.

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