Kissing Kenechukwu [Chapter 19]


He removed the slip, stared at her in disbelief. He swooped her into his arms and carried her toward the bathroom door, his lips fastened on hers.

“Why not the bed?” she whispered.

“We make love on the bed too much,”  he said against her mouth, then motioned in the direction of the wardrobe.

Kenechukwu felt himself dying to be inside of her. He placed her gently on the floor and once again captured her lips in a deep, soul searching kiss. His eager hands worked and clasped the brassiere, and he cursed the makers of the lingerie.

Mmayen laughed, and easily unhooked it. The bra fell and Kenechukwu sucked in his breath at the sight of her perfect breasts. He cupped them in his palms and flicked the coral nipples lightly before taking one between his lips.

Mmayen raked her hands through his hair and held him close. Her heart swelled with love for the man. His touch, his kiss, even his scent seemed as if they were made just for her. Kenechukwu shrugged out of his shirt impatiently.

He began to tongue her nipples until they stood erect and quivering, then moved his lips down her abdomen. His eyes were dark with desire. “When we’re done, ask me for anything,” he whispered to her, kissing each spot he bared. Her skin was unlike any other, it was silky and sexy. He sighed heavily, “I would have been in your life long ago if I had known you existed.”

Mmayen smiled, pleased that she found him too. She blessed the day she was interviewed and accepted to work in his law firm. She closed her eyes as his lips brushed her inner thigh. All at once she felt his mouth hot and raspy against the panties, and a moan of sheer measure escaped her lips.

They spent three days at Lagos Oriental hotel, making passionate love, drinking expensive wines and eating pizzas.

He’d surprised her the next day. All the calls he claimed were official weren’t. He was on the phone with their family car agent Muyiwa. He’d bought her a beautiful classy and girly Honda jeep. The kind of car Mmayen always loved.

She screamed and almost passed out from excitement.

It was one of the happiest moments of her life and as she entered the car and tried to test it, Kenechukwu only stared with joy in his eyes. He was happy that he could make her happy. He did more for his ex-girlfriend Gina, and even if Gina cheated on him and made him feel like a lesser man, he didn’t think Mmayen was going to do same to him. She loved him genuinely, and he felt it. It was the first time he ever felt love so real and passionate.

A new week came with rainfall so mad.

Mmayen had resumed office duties and court cases. She worked for Kenechukwu like her life depended on it. She didn’t care if he was his lover, all she knew was that during work hours, he was her boss, and she made all reports to him on daily basis.

“Your honor,” Mmayen said in a firm voice, “My client has not been allowed to move out of her ex-husband’s house, even after official divorce has been granted to them.”  She stood at a long narrow table beside beside her client, Chioma Udemezue. A lady in her  mid-thirties, not entirely oblivious to the hostile look her ex-husband shot them both.

“I make so many enemies for myself because I am a lawyer, look at the way your ex is looking at us,” She whispered to Chioma.

“You don’t care, do you?” Chioma asked.

“My boss says ‘Fuck them all’, he eats your hate like chocolate and pukes it to your face like shit.”

The two women giggled. Mmayen talked about her boss with love and passion in her voice.

The judge said, “Barrister Mmayen Ekpo, what’s going on here? I have had this couple a dozen times in here.

Mmayen glared at Chioma.

“You’re wasting my time, does your boss know that you’re handling this case?” the attorney asked.

“Yes your honor, he is aware.”

“Mr. man,” the judge turned to Chioma’s ex-husband Gabriel, “Two policemen will follow you and your ex-wife to your house, and she will pack all her belongings and give them to her without aggression. Next case!” the judge ordered.

Mmayen held Chioma’s hands and walked out majestically and proudly.

“I should celebrate this divorce with so many things on my desk. Oh barrister, thank you. I am glad I didn’t waste the money I paid to your firm.”

“You’re welcome Chioma,” Mmayen said with a smile.

“Will you like to hangout with me today?” Chioma asked.

Mmayen shrugged. “I would have really loved to, I am so damn tired already,” she said.

Her phone suddenly rang and when she saw that it was Kenechukwu, she lifted a finger to Chioma, giving a sign of excuse, “Yes boss.”

“Are you done?” Kenechukwu asked.

“Yes boss.”

“We have a client who wants to see you. Governor Jackson’s Personal Assistant. I have scheduled a meeting for both of you for Wednesday. I hope you won?”

“Yes, sure.”

“Come to the office, I have something to show you. I love you, be safe,” he said. But Mmayen only smiled and hung up.

“Your boss, you two seemed to be good friends,”  Chioma said.  Mmayen smiled. “Well, he is friends to everyone.”

“He used to date my friend Sarafina, and all of a sudden I saw them back together. He engaged her yesterday, it’s all over Facebook and Instagram. He posted it himself and even tagged her, she replied and said, ‘We are walking down the aisle baby! I love you!” Chioma said dramatically.

Mmayen’s heart trembled, she was shaking with no control.

“Are you okay?” Chioma asked.

“Yes, yes. Em…I-am suddenly cold inside. I need to go,” she said in a shaky tone, almost crying as she got into the car. She drove off without assigning the policemen who would join Chioma home to pack her things.

Her heart fell and rose again as she wept bitterly.

When she arrived the office, everyone stared at her like they’d expected something from her.

“Mmayen, how was the case?” Solomon asked, but she ignored him and walked hastily to Kenechukwu’s office. She locked his office door, leaving both of them in it. “You promised you were never going to leave me, you swore with your life! You’re so wicked!”

“Hold on, hold on, what are you talking about?”

“It’s all over social media, you engaged Sarafina, you engaged her! You posted it yourself!” she cried out.

“I was with you all through the weekend, when did I engage her?”

“You engaged her yesterday night. I wasn’t with you yesterday night.”

“How would you believe such cooked up stories. That’s cock and bull! I have not set my eyes on Sarafina since the last time I walked her out of here! So, what are you insinuating?”

She sighed heavily and left him. “Liar! I am resigning!”

“Go! Resign! Go! Just go!”

“I should go right?”  she asked, trying to control her tears.

“Get out! If you could believe such fake news about me, then our relationship doesn’t have a good foundation. Anyone can just come and mar us and you will agree to it. You do not know who I am! I am Kenechukwu Uchendu, my father is the third richest man in this damn country!” he hit his desk hard. “People will talk about me, people will write nonsense about me. I am lots of people’s enemies, even the governments are afraid of me, so, if you wanna be my lover, you have to be ready to hear worst things about me. Women are sent to trap me, I walk them away. Now leave, if you wanna resign, go! Have I not shown you love enough?”

Mmayen was mute for moments, her face was filled with tears and catarrh. She stood there looking at his angry face as tension filled the office in the midst of the cold air conditioner.

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