Kissing Kenechukwu [Chapter 18]


Late afternoon heat shimmered in the air, and Louisa alighted from the car and wore her brown sunshades. Nnenna’s words saddened her. She’d expected positive feedbacks from her, but everything turned out bad.

She knocked on the room door twice and when Sarafina opened it, her eyes were wet with tears.

“What happened to you?” Louisa asked, Sarafina cried the more, “Mommy, I have a man who truly loves me more than I love myself, but I am here In Lagos, dying over an ex that never cares about me.”

“What are you insinuating?” Louisa asked angrily.

“Kenechukwu doesn’t want me. I am doing this for you, but it is not working out!”

“Shut up, who told you nothing was impossible? Kenechukwu loves you, but you are so blind to see it. Your father and I had worst moments, but we ended up being married. If it is because of that Muslim guy called Danjuma that you are speaking gibberish, I think you should just get out!”

“Danjuma loves me,” she said tearfully but softly.

“A married man with two wives?” Louisa said, leaving Sarafina in shock.

You think I am not aware that if he marries you today, you will be his third wife? What is there to envy and love? Danjuma’s father is a Senator who is busy writing nonsense on twitter and newspapers about the president. I will have no closeness with the First Lady if she realizes that I am close to his family. A man who is an enemy of Aso Rock will never be my inlaw. Go to Kenechukwu and make him your man. You’re a beautiful woman! Go to his so-called girlfriend and pay her to leave him.”

Sarafina giggled, “Mom, you know nothing about love. Money can’t buy love.”

Louisa laughed. “Look at this small girl, if money can’t buy love, then I wonder what it can buy,” she said and began to pull off her shoes. “I fell in love with your father the moment he bought me a shoe worth six thousand naira in 1990.”

Sarafina nearly leaned across the center table and hit her with her fist. The primitive urge to turn her mother’s beautiful face into pulp surprised her.

“I will try my best Mom,” Sarafina enunciated in a deadly soft tone of voice. “I would love to marry Kenechukwu, but I love Danjuma for so many reasons.”

“Keep your reasons to yourself. I don’t want to know. Marry Kenechukwu and make me proud. By marrying Kenechukwu, you will put me on the forefront of the most influential women in this country. It has always been my dream to work hand in hand with the First Lady, and only you can make it happen. This dream matters to me more than your bride price,” her mother said.

Sarafina gave her a hard stare.

The weekend getaway at the Lagos Oriental hotel was superb. It was the kind of treat, Mmayen had not imagined. She stared at him once and suddenly felt peace like a river.

“You’re beautiful,” Kenechukwu whispered, taking her wine glass and placing it beside his own.

She gave a nervous laugh. “You fit me too well Ken…”

He held her hands, “I’ve always wanted a moment like this, just the two us, far away from our homes.”

“Me too,” Mmayen replied.

“I want to share the rest of my life with you. I want you to be everything to me.”

Mmayen’s stomach lurched at his words. For a moment, all she could do was stare at the man right in front of her. They were on the bed, sitting opposite each other when he said these things to her.

“You make my world perfect. You’re my serenity. My perfect girl.”

“Don’t say it unless you mean it,” Mmayen said softly, like she was about to cry.

“You have seen my nakedness, I value it. Why would I reveal something I value to someone who means absolutely nothing to me?”

“You’re breaking me.”

He held her, “No, I am molding you with my words. I want you to know that you’re my perfection, my one and only true love.”

She hung her head as a fresh batch of tears filled her eyes. “You don’t understand why I feel so emotional,” she gulped.

“Don’t tell me about your exes, from the moment you met me, I am the only man you have ever loved.”

Mmayen smiled coyly.

She suddenly clung to him as though her very life depended on it. Kenechukwu’s lips caught each tear, and when his mouth found hers, the kiss was gentle.

“I love you so much!” she said against his lips.

“I love you with my life. I’m gonna ruin your face with kisses.”

This time, his mouth was hot and demanding, his tongue speared its way past her lips, and he moaned as he tasted the sweetness inside.

“Don’t stop kissing me,” she said, going weak with pleasure. Kenechukwu’s mouth was everywhere. His hands slipped through her hair and tilted her head so that there was not a place untouched by his lips. Mmayen could feel the fires stoking in her belly, spreading heat through her thighs. Kenechukwu pressed himself against her and desire shot through her body as she fed his blatant need. He reached for his belt, and it fell to the tiled floor in a whisper. Her hands unfastened the buttons on his shirt as he reached around and worked down the zipper on her dress. Kenechukwu pulled the dress off her shoulders, kissing each lovely slope he bared. He shrugged off his singlet and tossed it aside.

When the dress slid to the floor next to his singlet, he looked at Mmayen with unveiled desire. Her green brassiere and half-slip worked like an aphrodisiac on his senses.

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