Kissing Kenechukwu [Chapter 17]


Mmayen was pissed off by Sarafina’s words. She walked away. And when she got to her office, she placed her head on her desk and thought of losing Kenechukwu.

Not long after, she could hear shouts from Kenechukwu’s office, “Leave my office right now, and never come back!”

“I am going to tell the world about your affairs with your staff. I am going to write to the media. I will tell them how wicked you’re!”

“Get out! Security!” Kenechukwu yelled angrily.

The security men ran to the scene,

“Take this bitch out of here!” he ordered.

“If you dare touch me with those filthy hands!” Sarafina said with a deep command in her tone.

“Madam, please respect yourself and leave,” the security man said, trying to be calm. Sarafina heaved a sigh and walked hastily away, making a sound with her heely sandals.

Kenechukwu was sad. He knew that Mmayen wasn’t happy. He walked to her office and when he saw other staff, he ordered them to excuse him and Mmayen.

She wasn’t comfortable when they left just the two of them in the office.

“I’m sorry. I just hope this won’t ruin our weekend getaway the second time.”

She took her face up to him and said softly, “Nothing will ruin us. Not anyone. As long as you’ll always protect me.”

He grabbed her and kissed her deeply. She’d made a new hair, an expensive raw virgin hair she’d ordered from China with the money he gave her for lunch. It hung in shimmery black curls nearly to her waist. Her hair had practically begged his hand to tangle in its flames.

Kenechukwu spent a lot of time kissing her. He’d wanted to touch her breast and nibble on them, but he had a lot of respect for the boundaries she’d set.

“I am so freaked out with this Mmayen girl, is she not ashamed?” Stella, ranted, looking at the faces of the other staff who boldly ignored her and were pressing their phones.

After a few moments, Kenechukwu walked out and said to them,

“I am really sorry for the inconveniences, if anyone has a case file to submit, it should be now, I won’t be free during the weekend to handle them,” Kenechukwu said, calmly.

“Okay sir.” They all replied in unison as they walked back to their seats.

Mmayen wasn’t shy anymore. She wasn’t afraid if anyone was going to shame her for being in love with Kenechukwu. She was ready to slam anyone who dared try to say shit to her. Her face was boldly placed on her laptop, as the other staff walked in.

She strode outside without looking back, aware that they were looking at her.

“Nnenna, are you saying that Kenechukwu and Sarafina won’t be getting married anytime soon?”  Louisa, Sarafina’s mother asked.

Nnenna, Kenechukwu’s mother chuckled, “Louisa, you know these people are now adults. They should decide on what they want. My son had serious issues with me because I kept persuading him to be in that relationship with your daughter. He stopped picking my calls, I had to send Tochukwu to his house one early morning, and according to Tochukwu, he was with a girl whom he referred to as his girlfriend. I had to wash my hands off Kene’s relationship, because I do not want to lose my son for any reason.”

Louisa gave her a rude stare, and when she noticed, she shrugged and said, “You don’t have to look at me that way, we can’t be sitting here and talking about a thirty-three year old adult. He is no more a boy Louisa. Leave them alone to make their choices.”

“So, what about my meeting with the First Lady? What of your women’s club that the First Lady is leading, won’t I be a member?”

“Ah! If that is why you are here, there is no problem, I can take you to see her when she is back to Abuja. But for the club, being a member of that club needs a strong relationship,” Nnenna said.

“That is the relationship I want us to have. Let’s make Fina and Kene to be married, abi you don’t want me to also eat federal government money like you?”

Nnenna laughed, “Louisa, hold on first, let’s meet with Hajia Ramatu for your proposal. But sincerely speaking, I won’t speak of your daughter to my son ever again. I do not want trouble. You can ask Fina to use her own woman power to get him.”

Louisa laughed, “Abi o. That is how I married my husband,” Louisa boasted.

Nnenna stared at her with a smiling face. Her neck, her ears and every part of her body was adorned with gold jewelries. She was chubby and round, the kind of rich women that spent money on gold and expensive wrappers.

“We have good wine from Italy, Kenechukwu got them for his father and I from his last trip to Paris.”

“I will taste it o. Let me have a taste of my son in-law’s wine please. I will kukuma accept this one as first bride price,” She said laughing.

Nnenna laughed too, but hers wasn’t genuine. She was aware of the reason why Louisa visited, and she knew that her likeness for her wasn’t a genuine one.

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