Kissing Kenechukwu [Chapter 16]


Sarafina was dressed in a black crepe dress that was tapered at the hem and a wide belt that emphasized her trim waist. Her jewelry consisted of a single strand of pearls. She checked her bedroom, it was perfect. Exactly what her mother Louisa would love to see: her daughter in a luxurious hotel suite. The forest green and plum flame stitch patterned sofa, the two stark white tulip chairs, and the lacquered tables created an elegant setting that could have graced the cover of a British magazine. Her collection of designers perfumes boxes and shoes were displayed throughout the room.

Her mother was in Lagos, currently in traffic, heading to her hotel room.

A bottle of white wine sat chilling in a bucket.

She frowned. Her mom would probably prefer a more expensive wine.

When the doorbell pealed a few minutes before ten, Sarafina jumped, then rushed at the door.

“Mom!” she said excitedly as she kissed her mother on the cheeks.

The driver walked pass her with boxes, he carried them one after another. Her mother took a deep breath and patted her short blonde hair. Lady Louisa, was a stylish old lady, who used red nail polish and never stayed without her red lipsticks.

For a few minutes, Madam Louisa walked around the room and said, “You’ve got good taste, my kind of place. I stay in a place like this when I visit London. “

“You look beautiful mom.”

“As always Fina,” she turned to the driver who was anxiously waiting for him to be noticed.

“Macus, you can go. Get the car ready before 5pm. I will be visiting Nnenna today,” she said and then turned to Sarafina, “Why is your man not here?” she asked. Sarafina stared at her mutely.

“I thought you said you came to see Kenechukwu? Why is he not here?”

“Mom, Kenechukwu has been busy.”

“Busy doing what?”

“Busy with lots of things mom. He owns one of the biggest law firms in Lagos, he is busy.”

“Did he like the idea of the surprise birthday?”

She nodded reluctantly.

“Great! You two will get back together. See, I really want Nnenna to put me on the list of the women who will meet the First Lady by December. Presenting this proposal to the First Lady has always been my dreams. And having a relationship aside being Nnenna’s friend will grant me the access. You know the First Lady is her best friend?” Madam Louisa said elegantly.

“So mommy, it’s because of one proposal that you’re forcing Kenechukwu to be with me? Is his mother Aunty Nnenna aware of this?”

“Yes she is aware. Kill yourself!” she said and turned to leave. “I am leaving for Nnenna’s place at Ikoyi. I will call you.”

She paused and added, “Tell Kenechukwu that I am around, he should find time and see me.”

“Okay, I will,” Sarafina replied thoughtfully.

Her mother undoubtedly was one of the most powerful women who used what she had to get what she wanted.

She didn’t love Kenechukwu anymore, and she knew it in her heart that Danjuma was the man who had her heart at that moment.

Mmayen arrived Kenechukwu’s office with piles of files on her hands.

“Good morning,” she said as they exchanged smiles.

“How was your night?” Kenechukwu asked.

“My night was fine. My report,” she said as she dropped it on his desk. He went through them and nodded, “Beautiful woman, who is she?”

“Sanusi Ajemeli’s daughter.”

“What? Who is she suing?”

“Her ex-husband.”

“Oh wow! Dami Ade? He is a billionaire. What’s the case?”

“Dami hasn’t let her visit their 4-year old son Derek for over a month now. Yet, she continues to make generous monthly child support payments to him. And the divorce paper states clearly that she has the rights to see her son every weekend.”

“So, what does she want?” Kenechukwu asked, putting his hand under his chin.

“She wants to claim full rights for her son to stay with her. She is accusing him of being incapable to father their son since he is a drug dealer.”

Kenechukwu chuckled. “Dami Ade has been a drug dealer for long. Was she not aware, or love blinded her just as it has blinded me now.”

Mmayen laughed.

“We will take the case. Call her let’s fix a date for a meeting by next weekend.”

Mmayen nodded.

“You and I missed a weekend getaway on my birthday. I knew you weren’t aware it was my birthday, I just wanted to be with you and kiss your lips to sleep.”

“Okay!” she said excitedly. “So, when do you want it?”

“Tomorrow after work, we’ll go on our weekend getaway,” he looked at her speculatively.

“I can’t wait. I am already so tired and stressed out from work,” she said.

He stood to his feet, still holding her hands and holding her waist, he said, “You make me happy.”

The door suddenly opened, they looked mildly surprised to see Sarafina.

“Here she is again,” Sarafina muttered as she saw Mmayen.

“I think it’s high time I warned the security men not to let you in here Sarafina,” Kenechukwu said angrily.

“Don’t dare call me by my name! You used to call me ‘Sunshine’.”

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