Kissing Kenechukwu [Chapter 15]


“I am ready to bath now,” she said as she walked pass Kenechukwu by the bathroom door, smelling of Hennessey. Kenechukwu perceived it, and held her.

“You really went to take something that could intoxicate you huh?”

She laughed out girlishly as she caught a glimpse of his wide shoulders and stifled the urge to run her hands over them. He looked as though he could lift a mountain. His biceps bulged from hard work. She knew men who worked out every day to achieve what appeared to come naturally to Kenechukwu. Then she spotted the tattoo on his arm.

“You have a tattoo? You’re an attorney!”  she asked in amazement.

“And so? We’ve made love more than once, and you didn’t notice this? What have you been staring at in my body?” he asked playfully.

“Let me see that?”

She moved closer to him.

He turned around slowly, feeling like he had his body under control. His gaze followed her direction.

“It says Leo man,” he said simply.

“What does that mean?”

“I am a lion huh? I was born in August. Leo. It’s my English name. It’s signifies my horoscope.”

She raised her eyes to his face, “It’s striking. The tattoo artiste is good,” she said.

“The next one I’m gonna map will be your pretty face. A naked picture of you on my back.”

She chuckled, “That’s crazy. You’re crazy,” she laughed.

“Yeah, I’m crazy over you. And I’m glad you came to work in my company.”

She touched his bare arms, “Your muscles…” she said admiringly.

He ran a hand through his hair and Mmayen watched the way his chest muscles rippled.

She heaved an enormous sigh of despair when Kenechukwu touched her face. “I love you.”

“You’ve said that countless times. I can’t count.”

He began to kiss her. And then unwrapped the towel and when he saw that she was naked, he placed his eyes only at her lips, as if he was reading something on it. Then he kissed her like it was all passion and courage.

She moaned softly until he began to touch her. She was drunk in love and the Hennessey she’d gulped. She didn’t know when she held his face and said, “If you would ever want to leave me, kill me first, I do not want to be alive and watch you leave me, I doubt if I can bear the pains,” she said weakly.

“I would rather die than leave you,” he said firmly as he began to kiss her again.

There were ways he touched her that made her feel like she was floating in the cloud. He licked every part of her body with his tongue, and whispered endearments into her ears.

She didn’t leave the company. She resumed work the next day and Kenechukwu had given her the boldness not to give a damn about what anyone thought about their relationship. He left her house that same day, it was almost midnight when he left.

“Mmamma…” Solo his assistance teased, “So, you and the boss had something doing all along and all of us didn’t even notice,” he said playfully as he and Mmayen sat behind the company car, heading to a client’s office at Surulere.

“I don’t want to talk about it at all.”

“You don’t have to. You’re mature, there is nothing there. I just want to say that the both of you suit each other. You know the boss has always been this cute, calm dude who loves beautiful women. Shebi you see how Sarafina is beautiful? It’s how you are…”

“Solomon please, I don’t wanna talk about this. We are here to work, not gossip about the boss,” she said seriously and took her eyes to the window.

At the end of the day, she was worked up and stressed. A case she’d never handled was given to her, and she didn’t think she was going to succeed. It was the kind of cases that only influential lawyers like Kenechukwu handled easily on a daily basis.

She got back to her office late from her client’s office. It was a divorce case, and Mmayen hated handling divorce cases.

When Kenechukwu saw that she was back, he sent for her.

“The case file.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry sir, let me get it from my desk,” she said and was about going back when Kenechukwu stopped her.

“You don’t look happy. I hope everything is fine?” he asked.

“No,” she said softly.

Kenechukwu stood to his feet and walked gently to her. Holding her hands to his chest, he asked, “Is my woman fine?”

“The case, it’s a crazy but sad one. Marriage is quite difficult…”

“What about it?”

Mmayen sighed. “The woman is divorcing the man after two weeks of marriage.”

Kenechukwu giggled.

“Oh wow! Reasons?” Kenechukwu folded his arms across his chest.

“She said they didn’t have sex before marriage. And when they finally did on their honeymoon night two weeks ago in Dubai, she realized his joystick was just as tiny as my last finger.”

Kenechukwu laughed and fell back.

“It isn’t funny!” Mmayen yelled.

“Of course it is funny! How can he ever call that a joystick when it didn’t give her joy?”

Mmayen giggled.

“And they left Nigeria to Dubai to have a horrible sex experience, it is a sad thing.”

Mmayen laughed forcefully.

“If the case is hard for you to handle, I can handle it. Don’t worry yourself about it,” Kenechukwu said. “Let me have the file,” he added.

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