Kissing Kenechukwu [Chapter 14]


The doorbell rang just once, and Mmayen didn’t care to check whom it was first before opening it. She’d wondered who had come to check on her at about 8:49a.m.

She was startled when she saw who it was. Her heart fell on seing his face.

“Sister Mmayen, I told him that you are not around o, but he push me commot,” the security man ranted.

“Don’t worry, thanks,” Mmayen waved him away.

Kenechukwu walked into her small one-bedroom apartment uninvited. He didn’t care if he was welcomed or not.

“I was about coming to give you my resignation letter. I am resigning.”

Kenechukwu chuckled and fell back on her soft girly yellow couch that had the design of a shoe heel.

“Do whatever you wanna do Mmayen,” he said huskily and unconcerned.

“I have regretted everything that transpired between us, I wouldn’t have let you…”

“Just shut up Mmayen.”

He stood to his feet and walked to her.

“You’re so madly in love with me. I see it in your eyes when you say you regret what shit.”

He grabbed her, “I love you and I won’t let you go. You love me and you know it. You know within you that I love you. Sarafina knows that I love you. You can’t change the fact that I am madly in love with you. Don’t stress me Mmayen, don’t stress me please.”

He ran his lips up her throat, amazed at how smooth it was. He came to a halt at her earlobe and nibbled on it until Mmayen shivered. Her mind suddenly cleared. What was she doing?

Kenechukwu’s breath was hot on her ear as he whispered, “You’re everything I ever wanted. And you know I am your wish. I am here now, use me as you can, I am your true love, the one you’ve been wanting all this while.”

“I lack words to say…” her voice sounded controlled despite the things he was doing to her insides.

He ignored her and carried her in his arms, then he asked, “Where is the bedroom?”

“The next turn on your right,” she whispered. He carried her to her bedroom, dumping her unceremoniously on the bed.

“I want to take a shower,” he said softly as he removed his clothes and placed them carefully by the bed cabinet. She removed her nightwear and took two towels from a basket, handed one to him and tied the purple towel around her breast. She felt conspicuous standing there in a towel.

She could be layered in clothing, and Kenechukwu would still be capable of stripping her bare with one look. Those perceptive eyes didn’t miss a thing.

“Your bathroom is so small,” Kenechukwu said.

“I am not as rich as you’re. I can’t afford a house with big bathrooms,” she said softly.

His gaze zoomed in on her thighs and calves as she spoke, then dropped to her trim ankles and delicate feet.

Mmayen had blushed more in the past few hours than she had in her entire life. She was obviously acting loony because she didn’t know what to say.

It was the kiss that had thrown her off balance. Kissing Kenechukwu had drained her of every will.  Her insides still churned. Perhaps, she was making too much of the kiss, she thought.

“Let’s take a shower,” he said calmly.

Mmayen nodded. She’d wanted to ask of Sarafina, but she didn’t want to ruin the precious moment. Her gaze froze on Kenechukwu’s tempting male physique. His chest was broad and powerful, matted with spring dark hairs that ran the length of his stomach and circled his navel in a fascinating manner. She realized suddenly that she was staring and pried her gaze away from his body.

“What about Sarafina?”

The question rushed out of her mouth.

“I haven’t seen her since after my birthday,” he settled on the bathtub, “See, I am over her. She isn’t in my life anymore. Believe me.”

“I heard her mention Mother, who was that?”

“My mom,” he said, as he poured the water from the shower handle on his body.

“Hmm, she has even met your mom, that means the relationship was deep.”

“I never loved her as much as you think. Forget, these were connections. Her mom and my mom used to be school sisters, you see these women? So, they wanted me and Sarafina to keep up the relationship by being married. I tried to like her. I was just so excited about her genotype. It was an excuse to let go of the relationship.”

Mmayen was mute for a while before she exhaled and said, “I really love you, but the truth is that, this one is beyond me.”

“What do you mean?” he asked as he ached to hold her again.

She sighed, “Let’s not talk about Sarafina, let’s talk about us. You and I, we own each other a kiss,” she said shyly.

He winked at her.

“Come here,” he said to her sensually.

“I need to get intoxicated before I can tell you the things that are in my heart.”

He smiled at her. She rushed to her refrigerator in the kitchen, opened it and poured a cup of Hennessey. It wasn’t even evening and she could feel desire stirring in her. She gulped the hot drink without thinking, and it scalded the roof of her mouth. She muttered a curse.

Kenechukwu was making her crazy and she didn’t have an idea how long it was going to last.

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