Kissing Kenechukwu [Chapter 13]


Common sense told her not to seek for empathy any further. She felt he was never going to understand.

“Mmayen, listen to me, I love you too much to hurt you this way.”

“Stop it! Stop making wisecracks. You hurt me deeply,” she cried out.

He held her hands, but she pushed him off. He was mesmerized by the fall of her breast when she pushed him, and the tiny nodes that strained against the fabric of her dress. His thoughts ran wild, Sarafina didn’t fascinate him this way. She didn’t drive him crazy, and he needed a woman he was head over heels in love with. That woman was Mmayen.

He didn’t understand how and why his ex appeared from nowhere to ruin his love life. He didn’t understand why she ever came back.

“Happy birthday again, I wasn’t even aware today is your birthday, that’s how special I am to you,” Mmayen said and attempted to walk away. But Kenechukwu grabbed her to himself. She raised her gaze to his face which was void of expression.

“Take your hands off me,” she ordered. Kenechukwu nodded in agreement, then forced a smile.

“And what if I don’t?” he asked.

Mmayen knew she had trespassed. She had started being rude to him, and wasn’t ready to work with him anymore.

“Leave me alone,” she said repeatedly.

Kenechukwu’s gaze dropped from Mmayen’s face to her lush breasts, and every muscle in his body tensed. He could almost picture his suckling daughter in her arms, a miniature fist pressing and kneading her breasts.

He had tried to bury those kinds of thoughts and wondered why this suddenly popped inti his brain.

He held her firmly, and tried to kiss her.

“Leave me alone,” she said, sounding annoyed.  He grabbed her tighter and stared into her eyes. He felt her body against his arms. She struggled to come

out of his arms, but he had already burned the memory of the sight of them in his mind. Her hair curled beguilingly around her face, adding an innocence to her sultry looks.

Her heart thudded against Kenechukwu’s body, and she sank against him, greedily seeking his heat. He began to kiss her. She couldn’t resist him. She was so vulnerable to him that it was both disturbing and pleasant. His gaze bore into hers with an intensity that sent the adrenaline gushing through her, she almost trembled, but he held her firmly to the wall and drew her tighter to himself. As crazy as it may sound, she wanted him to make love to her right there. He wanted her too. He wanted to touch all over her body, taste each inch of flesh he’d bared. He wanted to make love to her until she screamed his name. He didn’t care where he was, all he wanted was to have her all through the day, her alone and no one else.

His mouth came down on hers hungrily. He felt her stiffen in surprise and cursed his own lack of self-control. He had weakened her. He wanted to touch her to lose himself of all the things she said to him. And secretly, he had known that all along, she didn’t mean those words she said to him. She wouldn’t leave him, he was prepared to be the best lover in the world.

He had wanted her since the first day he held her in his arms with her cheeks pressed to his shoulders. He was on the verge of losing it when a female voice interrupted, “Kene!”

It was Sarafina’s. He didn’t tremble, he wasn’t afraid.

“So, you’re now going out with your worker?” she asked in amazement.

“This girl…” she pointed at Mmayen who moved her face away to the wall.

“Don’t cause a scene here, leave here please,” Kenechukwu said.

“Leave? You mean I should walk away?” She laughed. “ Unbelievable Kenechukwu. I won’t leave. She will leave,” she said, pointing at Mmayen.

Mmayen was about to leave when Kenechukwu held her. “You’re going nowhere.”

She suddenly felt his tongue coax its way past her lips, and she was unable to resist, she really wanted Sarafina to leave Kenechukwu for her alone.

He tasted wonderful.  He smelled of handsomeness, of nature, and of a particular designers perfume.

Sarafina broke the kiss with an unwanted news, and they both grasped for air.

“I am AA, not AS. My doctor confirmed it. So stop all the drama and let’s go celebrate our reunion.”

“Fuck you! What reunion?”


“Sarafina, please, stop all this unwanted drama. It’s obvious I never loved you. If I really loved you, your genotype wouldn’t have stopped us from being together.”

Mmayen wanted to leave, but he held her hands tightly to a point she couldn’t snatch it out of his hands.

His other staff began to gather around, wondering what was going on. They became confused about why Mmayen was being held firmly by the boss.

“Look at the two of you! Useless prostitute sleeping with her boss. And you Kenechukwu, you’ll meet me and mother at home! Ungrateful man!” Sarafina said bitterly as she walked away.

Kenechukwu wasn’t embarrassed before his staff, but Mmayen was. She couldn’t lift her face, she was ashamed.

“Everyone should get out of here,” Kenechukwu ordered angrily.

Everyone walked hastily away.

The story of Mmayen going out with the boss had been the talk of the office since then. Mmayen had stopped going to work, she was ashamed and didn’t know how to handle herself before the other workers. She had deliberately refused to take Kenechukwu’s calls. He’d driven to her house countless times, but the security man kept giving him different excuses.

“Oga, madam no dey,” the security man said. But Kenechukwu pushed him away and walked into the compound.

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