Kissing Kenechukwu [Chapter 11]


The week was a busy and stressful one for Mmayen. She never wanted Kenechukwu to feel that she wasn’t working hard enough simply because they were dating. And she didn’t want to take advantage of his love for her.

They hardly saw each other, and most times, Kenechukwu sent chocolates and love messages to her during lunch break. He’d given her surprise credit alerts a lot of times, and she’d wondered what she’d done to deserve such a good man.

She woke up to a sunny, bright morning. After her morning devotion, she went through her emails.

‘Let’s have a fun weekend today at the Lagos oriental. I miss your scent. I think of you every moment my love. I hope to kiss you tonight, Love from Kene, cheers.’

She smiled and placed the phone on her chest.

She wore one of her best dresses and used one of the designers perfumes he’d bought for her during the week at the Montaigne shop.

As she alighted from the taxi at the entrance to her office, a fair lady dressed in a yellow peplum gown stopped her at the hallway.

“Hello?” she said smiling. “You must be a staff of this law firm?” Mmayen nodded calmly.

“Okay your boss’ birthday is tomorrow and I would really love to surprise him. I am doing a surprise party at his house, he isn’t aware of this. I have got good news for him,” she said excitedly, holding Mmayen’s hands. She continued. “I want you to help me out with inviting everyone here to his house.”

“Who are you?” Mmayen asked, trying not to be rude.

“My name is Sarafina, I’m his fiancé, You’re new here, you should know me…”

“My boss doesn’t like people in his house. I think he would appreciate it more if you surprise him here in the office.”

Sarafina stared at Mmayen thoughtfully.

“Yes!” she exclaimed. “My baby has always loved his privacy,” she gazed excitedly at Mmayen.

“Thank you! The birthday will be done here. So, come.”

She held her hands and led her toward a yellow Mercedes jeep.

“His favorite color is turquoise blue or white. I will bring in the best decorator in Lagos to take care of the decorations. Guess what? The cake is from Savannah cakes. One of the best cake makers in Lagos. What else do you think we need to do to make this day a memorable one for my man?” she asked joyously.

But Mmayen’s mind had gone far. Mmayen shrugged and started coughing, “Excuse me please, I am having chest pains,” she said and tried to walk away from Sarafina still coughing.

“I am so sorry, are you okay?” she asked in an American accent, but Mmayen kept nodding pretentiously until she left for her office.

She wondered why it had to be her that Sarafina had to discuss her plans with. She couldn’t work nor do anything else, all she thought of and imagined was Sarafina and her words.

Sarafina was quite beautiful, fair and slender. A classy girl who was obviously rich and belonged to a higher class than her.

She’d return the lunch Kenechukwu had ordered for her that noon.

“Mmayen, are you okay? Why are you rejecting your lover’s meal today. Whoever sends you these things daily really loves you, please appreciate it. I am looking forward to having a boyfriend like yours,”  Stella, the lady who sits by her at the office said.

Mmayen sighed, still mute.

“Did you see Oga’s babe?” Stella asked excitedly.

“Who’s that?” Mmayen asked, pretending not to know whom she was talking about.

“You don’t know the almighty slay queen Sarafina?”

“Oh, the fair girl…”

“Exactly. She is Oga’s girlfriend o. It’s been long I saw her. There was a time I heard they broke up, and now she is back again with her drama life. She has informed all of us that she is surprising him tomorrow being his birthday, that we should all wear white.”

“She didn’t tell me about wearing white,” Mmayen said calmly.

“Well, she informed Solo and the receptionist. That girl too like drama abeg. And I even heard she has been the one dying for the boss.”

Mmayen shrugged.

“But which woman sef won’t die for Oga? The guy is so cute abeg. He looks like all these black American guys that act in Hollywood romantic thrillers. One of the most handsome attorneys I have seen,” she rolled her eyes dramatically.

“I have never noticed that,” Mmayen said unconcernedly.

Stella waved at her, “Hello? You don’t have a good taste then. And again, I see the way he looks at you when you flaunt yourself around the office. That Barrister Kenechukwu dey always cut eye for you Mmayen,” Stella said.

“Na you sabi,” Mmayen said calmly.

“Good morning y’all,” Solomon interrupted, “the boss wants us to meet our new driver, his name is Tehu,” Solomon announced.

“Tehu? What a name, sounds like a ringing tone,” Stella said.

Mmayen suddenly became pressed, she stood to leave for the toilet and as she walked down the hallway, she saw that Kenechukwu was walking toward her, so she turned and walked hastily.

He hurried to her and grabbed her hand.

“Are you okay, why are you running away from me?”

“Nothing, I am not running from you,” she said weakly and pushed his hands away.

Kenechukwu thought she was in her bad mood. He watched as she walked away. For some reasons he wasn’t bothered about her reaction. He was going to settle whatever was bothering her at their weekend vacation the next day.

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