Kissing Kenechukwu [Chapter 10]


Kenechukwu made her breakfast.

“My cleaner isn’t here, and it’s almost 9am. I don’t know why.”

“We can clean the house together,” Mmayen retorted as she forked fried plantain into her mouth.

“I don’t do that. I can’t let you,” he sighed. “Maybe her grandchild is sick again,” Kenechukwu said.

“Grandchild? She is an old woman?”

“Not that old. Just a woman I am helping to cater for her family,” he said calmly.

The knock on the door came in just when he was done with his last sentence. Mmayen rushed to the door.

“Good morning ma,” she said as she saw the woman at the door. The woman stared at her in wonder, she was the house caretaker, and Mmayen was the third woman she’d ever seen with her boss since he broke up with Sarafina and Gina.

“Good morning my pikin,” she replied and walked hastily to the dining table, where Kenechukwu was seated.

“Oga,” she knelt down.

“Mama please don’t do this, I have told you to stop calling me Oga. I am like a son to you, stop making me feel more superior because you work for me,”  Kenechukwu said angrily.

“No vex Oga. Abeg forgive me. I bin no see okada, I just waka all the way come reach here because today na sanitation.”

“it’s okay mama. He has heard you. Stand up please,” Mmayen said pitifully. Mama Nyesom stood to her feet gently, staring at Mmayen carefully.

“Oga,” she turned to Kenechukwu. “My spirit just see this one like am. Na the real one be this.”

Kenechukwu laughed, “Okay mama. Thank you.”

Mama Nyesom walked away, still staring at Mmayen admiringly.

Kenechukwu sighed, still laughing.

“Why are you still laughing.”

“Mama Nyesom always makes me laugh.”

Mmayen lowered herself on the chair and sat by him. “Laugh louder!”

Kenechukwu burst again into louder laughter.

“Now, this isn’t funny anymore.”

Kenechukwu paused.

“You know, Mama Nyesom never liked the women I used to bring here. She is like a second mother to me. The first day she saw Sarafina, she said, ‘This one get her own man, leave am.’ And Sara hated her for that.”


“I’m surprise she likes you,” he held her hand. “Loving you is everything. You make me so happy.”

Mmayen froze at his words. Suddenly she smiled and clasped her hands together in delight. “You’re that one woman I have been waiting for all my life,” he said excitedly.

“I am so delighted to be yours too,” Mmayen responded.

“I feel as if I already know you,” Kenechukwu added.

“Me too,” Mmayen said.

They left each other’s hands when Mama Nyesom appeared with a mop stick and water in a bucket.

Mama Nyesom cleaned the house humming songs and watching Kenechukwu and Mmayen kissing themselves at the garden. It reminded her of Donald her late husband.

Monday came, and work began.

Having it mind that her boss was her lover changed everything for Mmayen.

After lunch break, Kenechukwu sent for her.

She appeared in a white blazer and white jean, looking all gorgeous with her curly dark hair.

“You haven’t seen my face today, have you?” Kenechukwu asked as he stood to hug her tight to himself.

“I have a client to see at Ikoyi,” she said as she kissed him on his lips softly.


“Chief Adesina’s land issues, he said you’re on his property case.”

Kenechukwu sighed. “Oh yes. I missed his call.”

“He thinks I am the best lawyer to handle this. I don’t understand why he feels that way. I am not just good with property cases sir. I have lost the files even. I can’t remember what it was all about anymore.”

“I will give it to you. Solomon submitted that file this morning,” he said.

“Have you had lunch?” he asked.

“Not yet,”  she replied softly, yawning.

“I am transferring some cash to you, eat at Webers restaurant at Ikoyi and take juice too, you look tired already.”

She smiled at him. “Webers is expensive.”

“It’s my money babe,” he touched her jaws, “and you’re my woman, nothing is too expensive for my woman, as far as I can afford it.”

She smiled and stared at his eyes boldly. It was the sweetest thing any man has ever said to her.

Without warning, he attempted to kiss her on the lips. She protested, but her squeal of protest didn’t hinder him.

“I only want to hold you, I feel like eating you raw,” he said, trying to hold her. Those words eased her mind. They made her relax more in his arms.

“What if someone just walks in and sees us this way?” she asked.

“Nobody comes into my office like that,” he replied.

“But what if someone sees us this way?”

“Then that’s not our business.”

He began to kiss her on her neck. For some reason, her question meant a lot to him.

“Are you afraid if someone in the office realizes that we are dating, there will be a problem?” he asked.

“No, I am not afraid of anything,” she replied as she placed her head on his shoulder.

She suddenly remembered she had somewhere to go to and had to check her wrist watch.

“It’s time to go. I will sure eat before I begin duties,” she said.

He left her reluctantly and stared at her for a few moments before he asked sensually, “Where have you been all my life?”

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