Friday Before Valentine |Chapter 16|


She shouts and calls your father, and everyone in the house. A young beautiful woman comes out too with two grown up children. 

“This is Dada’s wife. They just came from Abuja to see us yesterday. Dada was my one and only son, he died many years ago. He had an accident when he came from America to Nigeria one Christmas. Since year 2000. Dada don die,” your mother blabs. 

I stare at everyone around me. I couldn’t make sense of anything. I can only hear her. I can hear her words, and the tears, but I can’t get any of it in order. 

“He was a Doctor? He just went to greet his cousin and he handed me this envelop before he left,” I say, as I hand over the envelope to your mother. She collects it and opens it hastily, everyone gathers around her, their eyes fix on the envelope. 

“His will!” Your mother screams! She turns to your wife, her name is Titilope, she is beautiful. 

“Who are you?” Titilope asks as she looks at me pitifully. 

I am confused as I stare at her mutely, my heart is beating faster than it ever has. 

“My husband’s lawyer died with him in that accident. We couldn’t get access to lots of his property and money in his foreign accounts. Who are you and where did you get his will from with his original signatures? Dada died!” she says. 

I cannot move from where I stand, it’s as if my legs are tied around one place. 

Your mother runs into the house and brings a picture of you to me. I stop breathing. I must have been dead for a few minutes because I can see darkness over me, and your face, begging that I forgive you, even though you couldn’t open your mouth to say them.  Cold water was poured on my body, and when I opened my eyes, I could see everyone surrounding me. Your wife was fanning me with a newspaper. 

Your uncles had come to see the woman who claimed to have seen you. 

It is almost six hours and you haven’t returned from your cousin’s place. 

“What’s the time?” I ask, “Is Dada not back yet?” 

“Who did she say she is? Have you not told her that Dada Oluwadele died two decades ago?” an old man with grey hairs says. 

“Hello,” your wife Titilope holds my hands and says, “I believe you.” 

I sit up like a mad woman, I don’t remember how long I wept, but I wept for so long.

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