Friday Before Valentine |Chapter 15|


Marilyn cries before she leaves for work. She knew she won’t come back to see me anymore. I would be gone with you. 

“Give this to my aunty,” she says tearily as she hands me an envelope. “It’s a hundred dollars.” 

I laugh. She giggles tearily. “You’re doing a good thing,” I say softly as I hold her hands. “This is good.” 

She nods and hugs me firmly. 

As you and I are in the plane, I can only think of Marilyn, the shape of her face, the size of her sitting room and her bed; the scent of her room air freshener and the aroma of rosemary leaves and oregano she planted on her small garden. 

You cuddle me in your arms as you sip coffee slowly. I wish I know your mind and what it thinks of. 

I help a woman carry her crying baby, while she reads for her exams. The baby smiles at me, and cries at the same time when I stop singing senseless lyrics to him. You laugh at us. The baby cries when you try to hold him. 

“He doesn’t want you,” I tease. 

“My own baby will want me,” you say. 

I shake my head. The baby I will give to you, will be as handsome as you. 

The mother of the baby takes him off my hands when she sees that I am tired and that I’ve carried him for so long. 

I sleep off. And as I open my eyes again, it is announced that we are at Murtala Mohammed airport, Lagos. 

I look into your eyes, and smile. It is good to be home with you by my side. You nod at me, like you heard what my heart said. 

As we alight from plane, the air that touches the surface of my skin is different. Hot. Cranky. Discomforting. 

It is my home, my country, it won’t hurt. 

Lagos Oriental hotel was filled up. 

The taxi took us to Southern Sun at Ikoyi, and that is where we lodged for the night. 

You took my coffee and set it aside. “When will you resume work?” you ask. 

“In few weeks,” I say softly. 

“When is your next ovulation?” you ask. 

I jump up from the bed and go through my cellphone calendar. “Today!” I say loudly. 

You pull my body right against yours. 

“That’s right.” 

Your mouth came down on mine, and the growth of a night’s beard felt wonderful and sexy against my cheek. 

You enter me slowly and found me wet already. 

I wrap my arms around your neck and meet the thrust evenly. I give you a saucy smile. 

“You’re sweet baby,” you say. 

You make love to me very gently, afterward I curled up in your arms and drifted off to sleep. 

Friday came, a day before Valentine and we both dress in a unique native attire. The same attire you wore on the picture that hung on your corridor. It reminded me again of America. 

Then we take a cab to Oyo. It was a long journey, the hustle and bustle of Lagos, the holdup, the sun was discomforting. As we arrive your family house, I can see the nervousness in your eyes. You changed; it was as if you were panicking. We calmly watch the taxi man take off our luggage from the booth, then you turn to me and hand me a big brown envelope, 

“Baby, walk straight to the gate, and ask of Iya Dada, let me greet my favorite cousin by that corner,” you point at a corner, I nod. I can see people laughing boisterously and speaking Yoruba. 

The taxi driver helps in taking the luggage into the compound. 

I meet your mother, she is sitting on the verandah, selecting black eyed beans in a round stainless tray. She is wearing a buba. Her hair is braided with a hard-shiny thread. There are tribal marks on her face, she stands up and drops the tray on her chair, then walks gently to me. 

“Good evening ma,” I prostrate. 

“Yes,” she nods at me. 

“Iya Dada?” 

She nods at me strangely.

I run to her and hug her, “I have heard so many sweet things about you Mama. Dada and I just returned from America. He went to greet his cousins, he will be here soon.” 

She pushes me aside. “My Dada?” she asks incredulously and then stares strangely at me from my head to my feet.

“My Dada?” she asks again. I smile. 

“Yes mama.” 

“Dada that died since twenty years ago?” she asks, looking at me, bewildered at my sight. 

My heart sank, no, it isn’t you she meant.

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