Friday Before Valentine |Chapter 13|


“You came into my life and in such a short while, you have transformed my life,” your deep voice slithered into my ears. My hands froze near the gas fire where I was boiling Irish potatoes for dinner. We were at Marilyn’s place, you’d come to see me here before going to your house. My head snapped up, and my gaze locked with your brilliant eyes. 

My mouth went dry and my lips parted, my stomach fluttered. The urge to taste you hit me hard and fast, regardless of the fact that we expected Marilyn to be back by then. 

You are just so close, and so warm. And you smell so good. My lips couldn’t help but tingle at the prospect of sampling yours. 

“I just applied for a vacation today at my hospital,” you say.

I smile delightedly. 

“Now I believe you will be going home with me,” I say. 

“Sure,” you say, as you hold my hands. 

“You will come to my hometown Ori Ire and my mother will be so happy to see you.” 

Your voice was deep as it slid into my ears and sent jolts of adrenaline through me. I whirled, bumping the table by the gas. “That tickles,” I say. 

“What are you two doing in here?” Marilyn’s voice came in. She had shopping bags in her hands. And her smile is suspicious, like ‘guess you wanted to kiss en?’ 

“Hi Marilyn, how was your day at work today?” you ask. 

“Doctor Dada, fine thank you. I hope she offered you something to eat?” 

“Not necessary Marilyn, I am fine,” you reply. 

Then we head to the sitting room and talk more about our trip to Lagos, and then Oyo. 

We plan on seeing mama, aunty and I am going to testify to the prophet for sending you my way. 

I spend the night at your house, and we talk about us. And how much you love me. Marilyn had pleaded I should come back home, but I promised her that I will try. 

I walk down the stairs of your house that lead to the corridor, the wall is painted white, the photo frame of you on the wall is beautiful. ‘2000’ was the year you took it at Cambridge, yet you hadn’t changed a bit. I put my fingers over it, and ran my hands over your face on the frame. 

You come to me and you push me slowly to the wall, then you kiss me. 

This night, you sit opposite me. You have a mug of tea, a bowl piled high with sugar sprinkled cereal, and a plate stacked with white toast. You point at my face with a spoon, splattering milk across the tabletop. 

“Mama will be happy to know that I am set to bring home a wife,” you say.  You take a mouthful of cereal, raised your eyebrows. 

“My mom too,” I reply. 

You shrug your shoulders. “You don’t know yet, the surprise that awaits you over there. A sweet surprise.” 

My heart is full with joy as I smile delightedly. There is something about you that excites me, something no one else could give.

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