Friday Before Valentine |Chapter 12|


I am hot. Hot in the inside. My body is boiling for you. 

My mind asks me if it wasn’t too soon: too soon to let you make love to me. Why am I repeating the same mistake I’d made with the others?

The prophet was certain when he said the next man, I was meeting is going to be my husband. I wasn’t going to panic anymore or be afraid that I am going to lose you. 

I want great sex. Wild sex. Hot sex. The stuff fantasies are made of. I want you. 

Even though I have seen that you have a reputation for holding yourself, even though you really wanna be with me. 

“Can you play me a romantic song from your music player?” I ask, as I stare into your eyes. 

You’re a little surprised at my request.  “Okay,” you say with a smile. 

I can’t hide it anymore, so I hold your hands, just after you’re done setting the music player for selection of romantic musicals. 

“I want you,” I say weakly. 

You kiss me. Then we start that very moment. Sex was always good with other men, but with you, ii was phenomenal. I am so inhibited when it comes to my body, so vocal when it came to my feelings, and the combination had turned you on the major way. Every time you touch me, kiss me, plunged into me, you see the pleasure in my eyes and on my face, and you’ve heard it in my loud frantic cries. 

“You make me love you so softly,” you say, as you kiss me even more than I ever thought you would. Every nerve in my body is keenly aware of you.

You turn and take another sip of the wine. You grimace. Then you stare at me again. 

I am real. You stare at me like I am not real. Then you hold me back to yourself and kiss me. 

I’d not only kissed you, I’d gotten under your skin and fired your blood, and no matter how many times you played your favorite memory over and over again in your head, it wasn’t enough to slake the lust eating at your common sense. 

You need me, I can see it in your eyes. 

My smile widens as you hold me to yourself. Two dimples cut into my cheeks and my nose crinkle and my eyes lit with warmth. And then, we made love on the floor of your sitting room. 

Our second time, you wanted to shake up my calm and bring out the wild woman I’d been on the first day we’d made love. I’d moaned with satisfaction down by the riverbank the second time. On our third time, I’d practically howled. It was at your house, in your bedroom. I was absolutely vocal and out of control, completely uninhibited. 

You are the man I always wished to have. You’re the man the prophet talked of. 

My ‘Amen’ was with faith. It wasn’t loud like mama and aunty’s own, but it was with faith. So, it brought you to me. And here you’re, making me happy.

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