Evergreen Emerald [Chapter 7]


A young girl with a ludicrous condition, Etini felt Fatima was too young to go through all that pains.

She and Kokomma sat by Fatima’s bed as she said things that sounded strange to Etini.

“That night, we’d just gotten married traditionally, and Papa had gone back to Kanu,” she sobbed softly. Kokomma patted her gently. “He came into the room I stayed with the other wives, and took me away to his bedroom.”

“You mean that you’re married?” Etini asked in amazement. Fatima nodded calmly and continued.

“He tried to undress me. I became hesitant. He kept trying, but I pushed him away. I was afraid of being laid by a man as old as Aasim.”

“How old was he?” Etini asked.

“He was sixty-seven years old.”

“And you’re how old?”


“Jesus!” Etini exclaimed.

“Stop asking her questions, allow her to finish,” Kokomma said sternly.

“He dragged my dress and tore them apart, then he penetrated forcefully, my hymen got broken.”

“What’s penetration?” Etini asked innocently.

“Sex,” Kokomma whispered to her.

“He kept doing that every night, when his daughters and other wives had gone to bed. Then when he rode me amidst the painful pleasure, he would tell me ‘you are the wife who will bear my sons.’ He said them thunderously like a curse.”

She hurried on. “I escaped one morning to my mother’s family house. And after I narrated the story to them, they were furious. But my mother didn’t have the power to fight, so she prayed to ‘Jises’ and the pastor of her church advised her to bring me here to Snata, that I will be safe, and will know ‘Jises’ the more. I took the exams and passed.”

“Who is Jises?” Etini asked.

“She means Jesus,” Kokomma retorted.


“So, what are you thinking of doing now? Will you continue with your education?” Kokomma asked.

Fatima shook her head before she replied; “No, I will leave for my mother. She will help me get rid of the baby.”

“Abortion?” Etini asked, bewildered. Fatima nodded. “But you say your mother knows Christ. She is born again. Abortion is a sin, do not kill that innocent baby please.”

“You may not understand. But I have to.” Fatima swallowed hard and forced her lip to open. “After I get rid of the baby, I will come back to school.”

“Have you signed exeat card?” Kokomma asked. Fatima nodded.

“Pack your bags let’s accompany you to the gate,” she added softly.

Tears prickled Etini’s eyes. She wondered why God didn’t kill Aasim when he tried to rape Fatima.

“What if you die in the process? I heard girls who commit infanticide die a lot,” Etini said.

“That’s not true. I have done it once when I got pregnant for Solo, am I not still alive?” Kokomma said. Etini looked at her in surprise. There was shock written all over face.

“I’m sure you advised Fatima to get rid of this baby.”

“She is my friend, I have to give her the right advice.”

“And you think abortion is the right option?”

“What else is the right option you born again asshole?” Kokomma’s tone changed as she held Fatima’s hands and walked away.


Fatima left school. She had lied to the Rector that she was attending her father’s burial.

A new week began for Etini, and she had started burning candles at midnight, in preparation for impromptu tests. She had to work hard, so as to fulfil her dreams of going to America.

“You should read well, so that we can go to America for Snata’s day. I heard the best students get a free trip there,” Etini said to Nkoyo excitedly.

Nkoyo giggled. “My parents, my siblings and I visit America every year for summer and Christmas holiday. And besides, if I wanna go anywhere, it won’t be America. There are better and more beautiful countries than America,” Nkoyo said proudly as she laid her head on her desk.

Etini smiled sheepishly. She didn’t know what to say. She nodded after a while and opened her note book, glancing through each page and reading it carefully.

The next morning, Mr. Semaediong walked into the class, fully prepared to share his knowledge with the students. After a few hours of teaching, he decided to ask questions. Only a few students could answer. Etini answered all his questions until he noticed her eyes, her hair, her lips, and the tenderness in her voice.

“What’s your name?” he asked, pointing at Etini.

“Etini Oscar.”

“I like you, you’re brilliant. You make teaching fun for me.”

The flush in Etini’s cheeks reached searing levels.

Etini felt compelled to tell Mr. Semaediong that she liked his teachings too, and that he was a handsome teacher. But the words were too heavy in her mouth.

“Thank you sir,” she said softly. Semaediong nodded and kept teaching.

Kokomma became uncomfortable as she gave Etini a mean look, from her head to her feet.

“She wants to be noticed, pretender!” she said harshly to herself.

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