Evergreen Emerald [Chapter 26]


The kiss deepened. His arms wrapped around her waist. Her body came into contact with another at several highly erotic points. Etini became afraid as she thought he was going to tear her dress apart. She became uncomfortable with the way he touched her seductively. Delight erupted into pleasure so hot and intense it jolted through her like an electric shock.

Her eyes flew open. Her arms froze in the act of twinning around a strong, corded neck. Etini felt she was dreaming, but when she realized that he was indeed kissing her, and he wasn’t ready to stop soon, she paused and pushed him gently away.

“I am sorry.” Semaediong said. He studied her for several moment, she looked worried. “We went too far.” He said and walked back to his seat.

“We won’t do this again,” She added with as much authority as she could.

He accepted the dictum with a curt nod. “I am sorry.” He repeated.

“It’s okay.” She muttered.

“We should be married soon, so that we can do this freely.” He said, and winked at her with a smile. She smiled back softly.

“I have been wanting to ask you this,” She said.

“Ask me anything my love.”

“Are you a virgin? Because you don’t kiss like one.”

Semaediong chuckled shyly as he lowered his face to the carpet. He was unsure if his reply was going to hurt Etini or not.

“Why do you care to know?” He asked.

“Because I have to know, you’re going to be my husband.”

“No, I am not a virgin. I have been with other women before.”

“So, you’re a used property?” She asked with a tricky smile.

“What?” Semaediong asked looking amazed.

“other women have seen your naked body before, so, it’s not valuable anymore.”

“I am a man.”

“And how would it sound if I wasn’t a virgin but give you reasons that it’s because I am woman?”

“Like I said, you will never understand, Young woman.” Semaediong said as he turned to his computer.

“I will leave now. I have things to do in class.” She said, and he nodded respectively.

As she walked out of his office, she could still taste him on her lip, still feel the imprint of his body against hers. Semaediong delivered a good kiss that morning, just like she used to see the Americans do it in movies at her neighbor’s house. She never hoped that a man would kiss her so Succulently.

She’d wondered how many women Semaediong had kissed in the past, and if they were ever going to attempt coming back to him, putting asunder because of how loving and romantic he’d been, she was going to report them to God and Angel Michael, just as her mother had always told her.
“Eti girl, if anyone tries to take something that is rightfully yours away from you, report them to God, God will send Angel Michael to dismantle their lives.”

But she wasn’t going to send Angel Michael to dismantle their lives, It could cause to their death. She was only going to ask him to make the women who wanted Sema to stay off him, because she was now in his life.


Two months after Edidiong was taken away by her grandmother Zaytun, she couldn’t cope with Aunty Rosa’s absence. She always muttered her name in baby language and cried every night. And even when Zaytun and her mother had thought that she would get used to the new environment, Edidiong only became worst; falling sick and always taken to the hospital.

“Madam, this girl doesn’t belong here, She might die if you keep her longer. She should be taken to the person she was with. This is getting serious, and that will be the only cure for her ill health.” The doctor said as he walked away.

Zaytun became sad. She didn’t want to lose her granddaughter. She hurried home and packed Edidiong’s bag, holding her firmly to the motor park, she prayed in her heart that Aunty Rosa would let her back.

As she reached Aunty Rosa’s house, Etini saw Edidiong from her room window, she was looking pale and Sicky. “Mommy, Edy girl is here!” She screamed, as she ran helter skelter down the staircase, toward the gate. “Open the gate!” She screamed, the security man opened the gate hastily and Edidiong gave the most sincere smile that revealed her four tiny tooth as Etini grabbed her from Zaytun and hugged her tightly.

Aunty Rosa walked hastily toward them and collected Edidiong from Etini.

“Mammi?…Mammi?” Edidiong called out as she fell her head on Aunty Rosa’s shoulder.

“What happened to her? She looks really sick.” Aunty Rosa asked worriedly, tears falling off her eyes.

“She has been sick medam. Doctor said she won’t make it if my meda and I keep her with us,” Zaytun paused, “She des not like us. She likes you.” Zaytun said with a broken voice. “You can have her medam, she is still ours, we will be visiting her from time to time.”

Aunty Rosa nodded tearily. “I am so sorry.” Aunty Rosa said in tears. “You can come see her anytime you Want, but you will never take her away from me anymore.” Aunty Rosa said as she held Edidiong tightly to herself. “Come in, let’s have dinner together. ” She said. Zaytun followed her hastily, as they sat on the dinner table, while Etini served them food and table wine.


The next morning which was Saturday, while Aunty Rosa left to the hospital with Edidiong, Etini woke up early to clean the house. She’d started from Aunty Rosa’s bedroom. She brought down piles of books and old stocks of pictures from her small bedroom shelf, and Etini couldn’t hesitate looking through the pictures, her heart skipped, when she saw pictures of Aunty Rosa and Bishop Audrey in a photo.

She hurriedly searched through the photo albums and her heart paused as she saw pregnancy photos and the same green Emerald bracelet she was wearing at the moment, being worn by Aunty Rosa.

She chuckled, confused and amazed at the same time. She didn’t understand if it were the twin sister of Aunty Rosa whom she was staring at. She wasn’t cleared about how the bracelet Sema had given her, happened to be the exact same bracelet Aunty Rosa was wearing too.

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