Endless [Chapter 9]


Bobby’s phone suddenly rang, and when he saw that it was Didi who had called, he looked at Etta’s face.

“Pick your call.” She said calmly.

He ignored the call and silence his phone.

“I had a longing for you, something awful, but now it’s past and we can go back to being friends.” Etta said mildly. Before Bobby could think of an answer, she curled back against him. Within seconds they were in each other’s arms.

She suddenly took her body off his arms and said, “I am going, I have to carry my car from the office.”

“Don’t worry, I will pick you up in the morning.

“Don’t bother. I will ask Ekaette to drop me off tomorrow morning.”

“Okay then, let me drop you off now.”

“I will take a cab, thanks. Send my regards to Didi.” She said and rushed into the road. “Taxi!” She yelled. A taxi drove right before her, “G-line!” She said as she opened the taxi door and dived inside.

She didn’t look back, but Bobby was still standing there, watching her go.

The kiss wasn’t enough, but it was satisfying. Different. And heartfelt.

Etta spent the car ride back to her house, purposely not thinking about the kiss. Or her way her body had reacted. Or about how good he had felt. He smelled good, like a man deep inside a well of lavender and oud man perfumes. But she wasn’t thinking about that. It was inappropriate, he was engaged, planning his wedding with another woman, and she wasn’t going to mess things for herself. Instead, she should just focus in mourning her beloved father, who had just passed away. But a fleeting attraction, as heartening as it was, almost took her heart away from mourning.

When she opened the door of her bedroom, her sister was already on her bed. A long rosary hung around her neck.

“Is mommy awake?” She asked.

“No. Gone to sleep.” Ekaette replied. “I have been praying for you, that God and the blessed Mary ever Virgin should heal your heart of this hurt you feel inside of you.” Ekaette added.

“What hurt are you talking about?” Etta asked as she pulled out her dress, standing naked in her flowery blue matching brassiere and panty. A little stretch mark on her buttocks as she bent over to put her shoes in place.

“Bobby of course! See Etta, I am your sister. You don’t have to hide these things  from me. It doesn’t matter if you’re older or not. I know men. I have been hurt before,” Etta widened her eyes at her sister. “Maybe that’s why I can’t concentrate anymore. A man who was supposed to be my husband told me that he can’t marry me because I am a virgin.”

Etta spewed out a loud laugh, not minding if It was late or not.

“Can you imagine. I just got tired of all these men’s issues. I chose the convent and the holy mother Mary over all these useless men.” Ekaette said confidently.

Etta clapped her hands mockingly. “You mean it’s because of this man that you’ve been bothering mommy to take you to the convent enh?”

Ekaette shrugged, “Yes. It’s enough to chose Christ and the virgin mother Mary.”

Etta laughed again. Her sister was innocent, yet so fragile and vulnerable enough to be betrayed this way. She was shocked to hear Her sister’s reasons for choosing the convent.