Endless [Chapter 8]


They spent hours drinking and eating goat meat pepper soup that was spiced with garlic and ginger, and garnished with scent leaves, and carrots.

They were on the third bottle of Remy Brandy when Nameh suddenly laughed out so loud. Everyone stared at her, looking surprised.

Maybe she was high on brandy, Bobby thought.

“Chai, Bobby I forgot to ask you why you had to break Etta’s heart. She was so mad that you’re getting married to someone else.” Nameh said as she sipped her brandy from the shot.

Etta’s eyes widened at her. She gasped silently.

“Etta wouldn’t want to marry me. She used to say it that she can’t marry her friend.” Bobby retorted jokingly.

“Lies! She was sad that you’re marrying someone else, ask her now.”

“What?” Bobby asked in disbelief as she turned to Etta.

She was ashamed, too ashamed to face him.

She turned slowly, forcing a smile to her face.

“Is this true?” He asked, looking serious.

She got up abruptly and walked away.

Nameh didn’t care. She laughed out carelessly. Bobby took out some money hurriedly from his pocket, he handed it to Nameh and said quickly, “pay for the bills Incase I don’t come back please. Take a cab home.” He hurried out.

He ran after Etta who was already on the road, waving at taxis.

“Stop this! Let’s talk.” Bobby said pleadingly.

“We have absolutely nothing to talk about.” She said with anger in her tone.

Bobby panted around. “So it’s true? You have been In love with me secretly without telling me all these while?”

There was calmness and quietness at the moment, only the sounds of cars and trucks could be heard passing by with full speed, phew!

“How was I supposed to tell you when you were dating other women?”

“Oh really? Same thing I thought about you. I was afraid you were going to say no. You said it many times that you weren’t going to marry your friend. So, I didn’t bother talking about it, I didn’t wanna ruin our friendship.”

She turned and looked at him, their eyes met and glittered at each other in the dark.

“Yes, I am in love with you too. Seriously I am. I didn’t wanna tell you because you have always said you would never marry me because I have been your friend. I don’t know why you said that when you didn’t mean it.” Bobby said as he faced her. He was way taller than her, he bent over her face, and took her face to his.

“I meant it. I didn’t just know that I was going to fall in love with you.” She said coolly, like ice water had just being poured on her body.

He hugged her, and then lifted his face slowly and grabbed her lips with his. It was their first time of kissing after so many years of wishing in their hearts that this could happen.

At that moment, all Bobby wanted to do was lie awake by a beach side and stare up at the starless sky with the his best friend Etta by his side, just thinking of her.

“You have a lot of experience with kissing.” She said.

“Of course I do. I have kissed so many women you know, but a kiss with you is forever memorable and magical.”