Endless [Chapter 7]


Nameh sat beside Bobby at Etta’s office, they talked and laughed about many interesting things, while Etta was running her eyes on her computer. She heard every word they said.

“We should have a drink, don’t you think so Etta?” Nameh asked, giving Etta a sign to say YES.

Etta ignored. She immediately took her eyes back to her computer.

“Babe, let’s hang out now. It’s weekend. Let’s go drink and have fun.” Bobby said.

“My mom won’t let me. And besides you’re in a relationship now. A serious one.” Etta said jealously. Nameh rolled her eyes.

“Does it matter? You’re

My bestie. Didi knows that.”

“Okay, okay! I am in. I don’t know how my mom is going to feel when she finds out my father is in the mortuary and I’m hanging out with friends.” She said sadly.

“Nawa for you sef. It’s this our outing that will relieve you of every depression and sadness. Get over all the bad things that has happened.” Nameh said.

Etta pushed her nose mockingly at her, “you’re saying it in your favor. You just wanna hangout, it’s fine. I will text my mom and tell her I will be home late.”

Nameh clapped her hands, “good girl!”

Bobby got relieved that finally, she was going to hang out with him again, despite that he was engaged.


Bobby spent hours on holdup.

He turned to Nameh behind and said convincingly, “Don’t worry, this traffic won’t spoil our waka.” Then he turned to Etta who was sitting by his side, “you would be happy if this traffic ruins my fun moment.”

Etta giggled, “I don’t despise this hangout that bad.”

After a few moment, the traffic began to move slowly until they got to a wine bar by  Okpon street.

Nameh and Etta alighted from the car looking like rich, classy girls that they were.

Nameh was wearing a long black gown, and white headgear was tied around her neck like a kind of bow style.

Etta was in her eight inches black pencil heel shoes that made her look quite tall. Her mini gown revealed her gloomy thighs. They all walked into the bar, and when Nameh got to her seat, she exhaled.

“I will need good wine Bobby, this place is exquisite.” She said jokingly.

Bobby laughed. “Oh well, anything you want. You’re my best friend’s friend and co-worker. You deserve a treat too.”