Endless [Chapter 6]


Nameh studied Etta as she told the engagement story between Bobby and Didi. Nameh didn’t react, just nodded, sipped at her coke. She noticed how tight Etta’s jaw was when she was describing how a talkative Didi is.

“They don’t really suit each other. He is a calm person. He doesn’t need such lousy girl.” She said. Nameh giggled.

“Two quiet people can’t marry, Etta. Not possible. Never seen before. My father was an extrovert. My mom introvert. I took after my father.”

“That’s not true.”

Nameh shrugged.

“My younger sister mocked me yesterday after she discovered that Bobby is marrying someone else. She said that she thought he was going to marry me.”

“Me too.” Nameh retorted. Etta widened her eyes at her. “Of course, you two went about everywhere together. You called yourselves best friends. This is Nigeria, we expected more from your friendship. You don’t look happy telling me about his engagement.”

“I am just sad that he won’t be my best friend anymore.” She shrugged, “I can’t believe that I planned his engagement with that bitchy Didi.”

“You’re a good friend. You did the right thing. Now you can stop worrying. We’ll look out for some other cute guy. You love them tall, dark and cute right?” Nameh laughed sheepishly, describing with her hands.

“Just get out!” Etta screamed laughingly.

Nameh laughed too. It was hard not to laugh when Nameh was around her.

Nameh was humorous, and quite troublesome.

The two women prepared for court immediately after their humorous moment together at Etta’s office.


Bobby had been calling Etta for almost two days now, but she had only refused the call and rather sent him a message saying, ‘busy at work call back later.’

She sent the message again after his last call, and he was afraid something bad had happened to her.

He drove his white Prado Jeep into her office premises. He walked hastily to her office, and without knocking, he opened the door and when he saw that she was bent over her desk, he exhaled.

“Hey…” he called her softly.

Her heart sank before she carried her face up to his. The sound of his voice melted her heart.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” She asked, looking shocked.

“You have been refusing my calls, I thought you have been kidnapped or something. You left the bar after I engaged my girlfriend without even telling me. Not fair.”

“I didn’t want to bother your sweet moment.” She said. Yet, the word, ‘My girlfriend’ which he referred to Didi tore her heart in shreds, slowly.

“Common Etta, you be my person, you for tell me.”

“I am really sorry…”

“Etta, barrister Okoye…” Nameh said as she opened the door hastily. She gasped at Bobby and suddenly remembered to smile when she realized she hadn’t greet him. “Mr Bobby, good afternoon sir o. Congratulations, Etta told me of the Goodnews.” She said smiling widely.

“Thank you Nameh.” He replied, smiling.

“You never buy us drink o. Abi na the wedding day you Dey wait for? What if I won’t be free on that day?” She laughed so loud it was beginning to look like she was possessed with some sort of demons of laughter.