Endless [Chapter 5]


After a while, Etta forced herself to get up before she fell into a deep sleep. She grabbed the wine on her table and gulped it down.

She left the wine bar without notifying Bobby or Didi. They were too excited to even notice that she was leaving.

She got into her car and zoomed off immediately.

So many things were in her mind; her father had died without seeing her husband or her children. Of all his hard work and accomplishments, he would have been more celebrated if he had at least, one grandchild. Her sister wasn’t ready to marry, nor bear children. Her dream of being a Reverend Sister at the Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus was still in her mind, even though their mother had told them that it was risky to be a beautiful woman and be in the convent.  Etta had given up on her sister because she knew it was definitely not possible to convince her to change her mind.

They’d quarreled so many times about her decision of going to the convent, but Ekaette’s dreams of being a Mother General and being ordained by the Bishop of the Diocese was deeper than what anyone else wanted.

“You shouldn’t start the habit of coming back home late. It’s not good. We are in mourning,” Etta’s mom said as soon as Etta clicked the sitting room door open. She pointed the remote at the TV and switched it off.

“I am sorry,” Etta said calmly as she slammed the door and locked it noisily.

“Where have you been? I called the court and they said you left since twelve. Even called your numbers, they were unreachable,” her mother said.

“Bobby wanted me to do something for him and his girlfriend.”

Her mother carefully dropped the remote on the center table, slightly shocked at her words.

“You mean that Bobby has a girlfriend that isn’t you?” her mother asked surprisingly. Etta shrugged as she bent to pull off her shoes.

“What have you two been to each other? Just friends? For all these years?”

“Mom! Bobby is my friend. More like a brother. He just engaged his girlfriend today.” Fury surged back as she walked past her mother in the sitting room.

She fell on her soft mattress that was covered with a pink design of a Mickey Mouse background.

She sighed.

Her sister opened the room door abruptly, rushing at her.

“What is it?  Can’t you knock?” Etta asked angrily.

Her sister folded her arms across her chest and sat on the bed.

“What did I just hear? Bobby Umoren, your bestie engaged another girl? How?” Ekaette asked, looking worried as she put her hands through her dark bushy hair that seemed like it hadn’t been combed for months.

“Don’t ask me stupid questions. Bobby and I never dated for once,” she replied.

“But I thought…”

“Stop assuming or thinking, don’t spoil my day already. Daddy’s demise is enough to make us sad. Bobby is my friend, I am happy about his engagement,” Etta sounded bitter.

Ekaette got on her feet slowly. “He put a ring on another woman’s fingers after so many years of friendship with you?”

“We have been just friends!”

“Wouldn’t you have left when I advised you to leave? You wouldn’t back off when I told you to back off,” Ekaette couldn’t continue. Not with the red haze in-front and in the back of her sister’s eyes.