Endless [Chapter 4]


It was hard to make a choice from the rings, they were all beautiful. Etta and Bobby admired every design as they walked past each and every one of them on the ring shelf.

They were all beautifully fixed in small blue boxes, ‘Pandora’ boldly written in white.

“This one with a pink stone is beautiful. It’s unique,” the sales girl said smiling at them as she pointed at the ring in a transparent show glass.

Bobby stared at it for a moment. “It’s going to be selective. I want a pure white gold, 18karat.”

“Something simple, yet classy,” Etta added.

“Okay, then you would love this. It’s our 2019 new ring. It’s 24karat gold with diamond stones,” the salesgirl said as she pointed at a ring in a glass shelf.

“Let me see,” Bobby said. He stared at the ring for a while, then turned to Etta, “Do you like it?”

“Yes it’s beautiful. I pray that it fits.”

“You can try it on Ma. It will certainly fit you,” the salesgirl said.

“The ring is for my friend’s girlfriend, not me.”

“Oh!” the salesgirl muttered. “You two fit each other so much, I actually thought it was for you.”

“No,” Etta said calmly. Bobby stared at her and smiled.

They finally chose the ring that had a pink gemstone on it.

“I will go for this. Final answer, this,” Bobby pointed at the ring in blue case.

“Two hundred and thirty-six thousand naira sir,” the salesgirl said.

Bobby took out his ATM card and after he slit it into a POS machine he turned to Etta and said smiling, “She will love it.”

“Any woman would,” Etta retorted calmly.

They drove home together in Bobby’s car.

The weather cooperated and the traffic was manageable as their plan worked out perfectly well.


Didi cried. Tears of joy, as she stared at the ring in Bobby’s hands. Everything was unbelievable to her, even marrying a man like Bobby. He was a CEO, the kind of man her grandmother Doctor Evelyn would want her to be with.

“Marry me please,” Bobby said nicely with a soft smile that made her smile and at the same time be in bafflement. He was on one knee, while the other patiently bent to her.

“Yes! Yes!” she screamed so loudly.

People clapped loudly. ‘Congratulations!’ they yelled excitedly.

Bobby put the ring in her long sleek hands, she fell on her feet and hugged him so tightly.

It was five seconds later that Etta realized that her best friend was gone. She wondered if they were still going to be close to each other like they used to be. She was in a black sweater and a blue jean. Her long wavy hair parted ways as they fell bountifully on her shoulders.

She lowered herself on a chair and folded her arms across her chest as she watched them kiss each other passionately.