Endless [Chapter 3]


The view of Bobby’s newly built house was breathtaking. He stood on the balcony and viewed the city.

Etta loved the house. She had been his lawyer for years, and she was aware of all the businesses and property he owned. She was also aware of Didi, his girlfriend who spoke English in a manner that made her seem like an American. Didi was the only girlfriend who had been officially introduced to Etta. Etta liked Didi, but she didn’t like that she questioned her relationship with Bobby once.

“She is a jealous woman,” Etta said.

“Every woman who loves her man is jealous,” Bobby retorted.


He had been waiting for Etta at the balcony of his uncompleted house, and as usual he knew she would waste his time again.

She took hours to have her bath, and more hours to make up or brush her hair. If she said she was on her way, it meant she was still in bed or just walked out of the bathroom.

He exhaled when he saw her car drive into the street. She was wearing a dark sunshade, and a black dress. It fitted her. The black velvet dress seemed perfect and blended well with her chocolate skin tone. He looked over as she came down from the car and could hear her footsteps as she climbed the stairs.

“Hi Bobby,” she smiled and removed her sunshade, “one of your tenants just called to tell me that you gave her a quit notice at such unexpected time, she is a single mom and needs time to work for the house rent.”

“Damn her! That lady has been in there for over a year and seven months. If she can’t afford a rent of a million and eight hundred thousand in a year, she should vacate the house for someone else. My wedding is coming up soon and I need cash,” he said angrily and heaved a sigh.

Etta stared at him in surprise. “You’re getting married?”

He nodded calmly. “Yes, to Didi.”

“Oh wow, the American girl,” she smiled.

He smiled back at her, quick and casual.

“I think I like her a lot. She is hardworking, brave. She is brilliant, just as you are. She is delectable and kind too.”

“So, you’re finally letting go of Barbara?”

“You and my mom never liked her. I didn’t like her that much too though. I will miss her pizzas, she made damn good pizzas and pancakes.”

“She was a chef, she ought to be good at it,” Etta rolled her eyes.

“Forget it, you never really liked her.”

“Let’s talk about your upcoming wedding. How are you planning? Have you proposed yet?” Etta asked, looking excited.

“That’s why I called you here. I want us to plan it together, the engagement I mean. You know, I know nothing about of all these things. I wanna get her a gold ring at Pandora by tomorrow, but I would want you to make a choice for me, so we would go together.”

“How will you be popping the question?”

“I donno!” he reeled off.

“Okay, I will plan it. We will have to go lie that you’re sick, and that she can come see you at your mom’s place or your main apartment at Easthill estate. Then you can pop the question immediately she enters.”

He nodded at her smiling. “Good one. We will use my house at Easthill then. You know how hard it is to just do these things alone, you’re gonna handle this for me please.”

“It’s okay. What time are we leaving for Pandora tomorrow?” she asked.

“Anytime you will be free.”

“I won’t be free all through. But I will beg Nameh to cover up for me. Then I will call you to come pick me up.”

“Good one. Thank you so much,” he said calmly.