Endless [Chapter 25]


Their hearts thundered to their chest on hearing the sound of clapped hands. Then their breathing calmed and their body slowed. He didn’t want to stop. When he opened his eyes and saw that his mom and Didi were standing right before them, he took his shirt and covered Etta from the backside. Etta held him firmly, her eyes closed, she was afraid, not sure who the visitors were.

“Please can you wait for me upstairs?” He said gently.

Etta was shy, afraid and dumbfounded. She didn’t know what to do. His mother sighed and walked away with Didi whose face was filled with disappointments and hurts.

Etta got up guiltily from his body and covered her face with her hands.

Sounds of rolling boxes were heard from upstairs. Didi was packing all her stuff out of the house. She was mute.

Not long, Bobby dressed up, while Etta wore back her panty. She wanted to leave when Bobby’s mother’s voice stopped her.

“You’re going nowhere.” She said from upstairs.

Etta paused. She couldn’t lift her face to her.

“The both of you will have to apologize to Didi for wasting her time and emotions. This is wrong. You two have been deceiving her and it’s unfair.” Bobby’s mother said angrily, yet her voice wasn’t loud.

“It wasn’t intentional. It wasn’t…” Bobby faltered.

“Shut up. Shut up!” His mom yelled now.

Didi’s face was filled with fierce and hurts.

“Listen, I am sorry Didi. Deeply sorry. I didn’t mean this to happen this way.” Bobby said as Didi rolled down her box toward where he stood.

“I don’t blame you. I blame myself. I saw this from the beginning and I wondered why you didn’t just propose to her already. You two were too close and too intimate. I should have known!” Didi said, panting.

“Listen, we are sorry. It’s okay if you wanna leave, I just want you to know that you will find someone that loves you too. You’re a good woman. You’re gonna be a good wife too.”

Speechlessly Didi met Etta’s gaze.

“We are sorry. I can’t explain this.” Etta said.

“My heart is filled with anger. I will overcome this for sure.” Didi said. She looked up at Bobby’s mother, “You’re a good mom. I hope that you keep up mom. Your daughter Inlaw Etta is going to be really lucky to have you. I am going back to my ex in America, that is where I was loved the way I wanted.” Didi said calmly.

Etta walked gently to her and gave her a warm unexpected hug. “I am truly sorry.”

“It’s okay Etta. You alone deserve this man, he loves you just so perfectly, and the only man that loves me the way he does to you lives in America. I was just obsessed over Bobby’s cuteness and thought it would work out. But no, an Igbo man who lives in America is cool for me.”

Etta giggled.

“I am happy you have love waiting for you too.” Etta retorted calmly. They hugged each other. Bobby gave Didi a warm hug and she walked out of the house without a grudge.

Bobby’s mother walked down the staircase gently. She gave Etta a stare like, ‘you naughty girl!’ “My son and our people will come see your mother and family over the weekend.”

Etta smiled.

“Thank you mom.”  Bobby said and hugged his  mother.

He stopped and looked down into Etta’s eyes, and the joy and elation in his face brought her to tears. And then he held her hands as if she was the most precious thing in the world.

On their wedding night, they would be lying in the dark, the starlight shining through the open porthole, Etta would whisper a prayer of gratitude to the vast sky above. She’d married her best friend and she’d found her strength and as far as she was concerned, that was what happy ever after was all about.

Her mother and sister would be shocked to see that Bobby was the prince charming, but Nameh won’t be surprise, she would only smile and hug Etta.

And their love became ENDLESS.