Endless [Chapter 24]


By the time Etta got to Bobby’s mother’s house, Didi had gone. The sight of Etta disgusted her. She didn’t want to see her ever again.

Bobby’s mom had a view of Etta from her bedroom window. She rushed at the door and opened it before Etta got to the door.

“Good afternoon mommy.” Etta greeted respectively.

“Accept my condolences for your loss. Your father’s burial was magnificent.”

Etta smiled calmly and sat on the white sofa of the elegant looking sitting room that had Bobby’s pictures all over the walls. When she saw a picture of herself and Bobby on his fifteenth birthday, she smiled.

“Didi just left.” Bobby’s mother said, before she added, “Do you need anything to drink?”

Etta shook her head gently. She comported herself not to panic at the mention of the name ‘Didi’.

“I see the way my son looked at you at your father’s burial, and I knew it wasn’t ordinary. Didi accused you of being his secret lover, and I didn’t just want to believe her because I have always known you two as good friends. I don’t want you to explain yourself. But whatever is going on between you and Bobby should stop. You two are like siblings. You’re aware that he is engaged and planning his wedding…”

“I didn’t force him mom. We didn’t force each other. He is not a baby who can be easily misled. We are adults. Didi is overeating.”

“Overreacting? He is her man.”

“Mom…” Etta said as she swallowed painfully, trying to comport herself. “Let Bobby chose whoever he wants. I am not gonna leave my best friend for someone else.” She paused. She couldn’t believe she had just said that out. Did those words just come out of her mouth?

“Did you just say that to my face Etta?”

Etta stood to her feet immediately, she stared at Bobby’s mother eyeball to eyeball.

“Get out of my house!” Bobby’s mother exclaimed.

She walked away immediately and unapologetically, and drove to Bobby’s house.

There were so many men in the city, but why was it just Bobby who was going to ruin her dignity?

The guy who got her number at the airport had been blocked for always calling her at mid-nights. No man made her feel the way Bobby did. He was her god. And everyone else’s thought about her relationship with him didn’t matter at all.


There were tears in her eyes as soon as she alighted from her car.

Bobby ran down the stairs and reached her.

“What is it?” He asked worriedly.

“I just left your mom’s place. She called me. Didi went to report me to her. Your mom walked me out of her house. She said we can’t be together.” She cried out.

“Is that why you’re crying and stressing out?”

“Tell me the truth, if Nameh didn’t tell you that day that I had a thing for you, would you have loved me this way? Would you have given up everything for me still?” There were tears in her eyes.

Bobby held her face, “I would have told you that I am in love with you. I would have. I planned to.” He held her hands and walked into the sitting room. Then he settled her on the couch and kissed her. “I would have given up everything for you still.”

He kissed her softly. He kissed her tears. His erection sprang forward. The seats in front of them hid everything below chest level and he knew that no one could see them. The notion stirred his blood almost as much as Etta sitting next to him.

He held her and urge her into his lap.

She sank down on him in one swift motion that stalled the air in his lungs and sent a burst of pleasure to his brain. He didn’t breathe for several heartbeats. He merely sat there feeling her pulse around him. Her skirt fell around them, hiding the fact that he was deep inside her.

They made love right there. She rode him so hard and good. He drove her over the edge and gave her such exquisite sensation that she would want even more. And more. She couldn’t hold back, she cried.