Endless [Chapter 23]


By the time Bobby got home, his mother and Didi had called him over ten times. Didi had been quiet since he stepped into the house, she let Bobby’s mother talk first.

“Etta’s father has been buried now. I hope I will now have peace between you and your wife to be here.” She said pointing at Didi. “ You cancelled your wedding for the sake of your childhood friend. I will respect that because we are all family friends. But what I won’t condone from you is your relationship with Etta should end now. I don’t like the rumors I am hearing. Your new best friend is now your wife to be. Your father was my best friend. I have never known a couple who had best friends as opposite sex that were not their partners.”

“I don’t know why you’re saying this.” Bobby retorted calmly as he pulled out his shoes.

“ So, you’re not hearing all what mommy is saying now?” Didi asked in American accent.

“Today isn’t a good day for this discuss mommy. We talk some other day. But I have heard you. Thank you for your advises.”

“Good. You and Didi should discuss the wedding in church as soon as possible, so that  we can also close that chapter.”

Bobby sighed and fell back on the couch.

“Why are you sighing? If you were not ready to marry me, why did you engage me? Why are you sighing?” Didi asked loudly. She was angry.

Bobby got up and walked away, locking himself in his room. He was sorry for hurting Didi this way. Everything wasn’t working out between them the way he’d thought it would.

That night after his mother’s driver had taken her home. Didi banged the bedroom door several times, but he didn’t open. She murmured, yelled and said so many painful things.

“Open this door and tell me why you don’t want us to plan our wedding soon. Open it! Or else you won’t see me in this house anymore, I am leaving!”

Bobby put earmuffs to his ears and closed his eyes. It was the first time he was about having serious problems with a girl.


The next morning, he stepped out of his bedroom with a white towel around his waist. There was a letter at his doorstep, and the engagement ring  on the paper too. He  flung the ring away and carried the paper, then opened it.

‘Wedding cancelled until you know my values and respect me! Find me if you want to marry me.’ Was written roughly on a piece of paper.

He wondered why Didi didn’t leave with all her luggage. Whatever was the reasons why she was upset, it didn’t get to a point she had to leave that way. He didn’t love her anymore either, and there was no reason to call her.

Didi had gone to his mother’s place to tell her that he wasn’t interested In her anymore. She also told her that he was having a relationship with Etta.

“No my darling Didi, Etta and Bobby have been friends since they were kids. They are not dating. Get your facts right.” Bobby’s mom said as she handed her an handkerchief.

“He sends her love messages. He tells her how much he loves her. He has never said that to me before. Never. I feel like I have been used by these two people mommy.” Didi cried out.

Bobby’s mother was absolutely certain that Etta wasn’t the kind of woman who would want to date her son. She was reserved and not the kind of lady she had imagine her son would want to love. She wasn’t like the other girls he brought home. She was different, since from childhood.

That day, Bobby’s mother called Etta. She was surprise to see Bobby’s mother’s call in her phone. She only called her once or twice in a year to wish her a happy birthday or ask her about her work.

“Hello mom?” Etta said shrilly over the phone.

“Yes dear Etta, I want to see you urgently. Can you stop by my house later today?”

“I hope all is well?”

“Yes. All is well.”

“Okay. I will stop by as soon as possible ma’am.” Etta said and hung up the call. She suspected all wasn’t well.