Endless [Chapter 22]


Etta took a sip of the coffee and waited for her computer to boot when Bobby walked in.

She was quiet, and he knew something had gone wrong from her countenance.

His eyes narrowed and moved slowly over her.

“She knows.”

“Who knows what?” He asked, his manner altered, grew serious.

“Didi knows you and I have been making love.”

“And so? If she knows, she should walk away.”

“She said you have been sending me messages, messages I never get to receive.”

“There were messages I wrote from my heart, but never sent them. I saved them to send sometime. I knew she was secretly going through my phones when I am asleep, it’s something a lot of you women do. Is that why you’re cold?”

Etta froze and stared at him wide-eyed. It baffled her what a man he was. “Your dad’s burial is in few days, let’s plan it and stop talking about Didi.”

She rushed at him and kissed him. Bobby stared into her eyes, reading what was there, all the passion and wonder that she could enjoy him without listening to her conscience. Etta wasn’t finding it easy. She was struggling with her love for him and the words Didi said to her at the mall.

Bobby leaned back in a seat, still watching her. She was feeling frustrated. He must stop her, he must prevent her from thinking that another woman was coming to separate them for no reason.

“Is it what Didi said to you that is making you look like a cold bunny?” He asked as he folded his arms across his chest.

“No. I am afraid I love you and might never let you go too.” She said boldly, looking into his eyes. He stood to his feet. “I am afraid this will cause a big problem, but I am ready to fight for my love.”

Bobby smiled.

“What? What have I done to amuse you?”

Bobby had no intentions of telling her why he was smiling, he was beginning to know that he had gone deep into her heart, to an extent they now thought alike. The rebel in him couldn’t have done better.

He kissed her softly on the lips. She looked flushed and hot and adorable. He rested his head on her shoulders and felt her softness and caught her scent, he had been hard. Desire. Need. These were things her body was already beginning to crave. Now she let him know that all she ever desired was him.


Her father’s burial was a befitting one. It was a state burial. The kind of burial that was done for wealthy politicians. Her father was a honorable man who deserved it.

Her mother and sister were all dressed in an expensive black lace. Etta looked simple, yet classy and sexy.

She cried when she read the biography of her father. Bobby couldn’t take his eyes off her all through. He was with her till the end of the burial. And after his mom and Didi had left, he decided he was going to be with Etta until she was ready to sleep.

Even when Didi had said she wasn’t comfortable with his closeness to Etta, he ignored her and walked away.

On that night, he cuddled Etta to himself.

“Thank you for being by me all these while. You’re my best friend indeed. You and Nameh have been amazing. But you’re the best, my guardian angel.” She said.

“I love you.” Bobby said simply.

“I love you too.” She replied softly in his arms. They were in his car, parked outside her father’s compound. Her eyes were reddish from the cries at the cemetery. She rubbed her hands on her eyes and yawned. “I have to go to sleep.” She said.

Bobby kissed her again, and there was no need trying so hard to avoid staying with her all through the night, he wanted to spend the entire night with her. But his mother’s call came in, and he was needed as soon as possible at his house.