Endless [Chapter 21]


The two women had gone deep into discussion.

Etta and Didi. They were at the upstairs sitting room of Bobby’s mansion. It had been decorated by Didi. She had painted the walls with lilac and white woodwork and furnished it with a sofa upholstered in cream leather which had been in a clearance sale at a furnishing store. The store had also provided the best of brass-legged occasional tables and the imitation onyx lamps with pleated shades. Bobby never sat on the sofa of this particular sitting room. He detested the wall and the woodworks, it reminded him of how Stubborn Didi is.

“So, after your dad’s burial. Bobby and I will be walking down the aisle for each other. I am already planning a big wedding. My friends from America are coming too.”  Didi said excitedly.

“Oh that’s great.” Etta said nicely.

“Now that you’re here, I think I should take you to the woman making our cakes. And then we can head to a perfume shop at the shopping mall.”

“It’s okay.”

“I hope I won’t be taking your time?” Didi asked.

“No not really.” Etta replied softly.

Bobby became uncomfortable with the two ladies hangout. He wanted to be with Etta. He just wanted her around himself alone and no one else.

Didi planted a kiss on his lips this time. “See you soon honey.”

“Okay bye.” He said.

“Don’t mind your friend. He gets so jealous when I am leaving him at home alone.” Didi said as she walked down the staircase, flinging her car keys excitedly in her hands.

Etta chuckled. “He loves you.”

“Really? Of course he loves me. I am going to be his wife soon. Of all the women in the world, he chose me.” Didi said proudly as she opened her car door. “Do you know how proud I am to be in Bobby’s life? He has travelled round the world and has seen women, but he came back home and gave me a ring.”

“So sweet…” Etta said almost softly  with a smile that was obviously not genuine. She wasn’t angry, she wasn’t just comfortable with the way Didi boasted about Bobby.

She drove speedily to a cake shop in town as Celine dion’s music played in the car, Didi sang all the lyrics.

When she got to the cake shop, she was told that the owner isn’t around. She gave a loud sigh.

“You should have called her before coming here.” Etta said.

“That’s true. We can check out a perfume shop at the shopping mall, from there I will drop you at your house.” She said in a sassy manner.

Etta was mute as she drove to the mall.

When they got to the perfume shop, Etta walked around touching the bottles and perceiving the scents from a paper.

“How did it feel when Bobby made love to you?” Didi broke the question, giving a smile that meant all wasn’t well.

Etta became perplexed and dumbfounded. She paused, turned to look at Didi’s  mean stare, “answer, you think I won’t know?”

“He is my best friend. We are just friends.” Etta replied quietly.

Didi laughed so loud. “Best friend, really? Really Etta?” She asked suspiciously with a side smile. “You think I won’t know about all the love messages he sends to you? And you don’t reply any of them.”

“Didi, see, I didn’t come here with you to discuss the silly things Bobby does with you. He is my friend, he never sends me messages.”

“Then who has this phone number?” She asked as she pointed her phone with a number boldly written on the screen. “If I dial it and your phone rings, how should I shame you? When I got out this number from Bobby’s phone to warn the harlot who fucks my man in my absence, it showed in my phone as your number. You’re ridiculous!” Didi said and walked out of the perfume store.

“Madam, are you not buying again?” The sales girl said, but Didi didn’t respond.

Etta became calm, yet her heart was still trembling as the words Didi said to her replayed.