Endless [Chapter 20]


The case of Senator Sani didn’t hold. He wasn’t present as everyone had expected. The media said he had written an open apology to Nigerians.

“Shit!” Nameh exclaimed.

“It’s fine. This is Nigeria. This is what you get. A pastor rapes a girl in Nigeria, and what happens? He refuses to come to court when sued, instead, he writes nonsenses on twitter and tells us he has stepped down. Can you imagine? Nobody does shit about this. CAN says he can still be a pastor because he is a freaking man of God.  And now this one apologizes, he isn’t sued, he doesn’t pay a dime for damages. And then Nigerians applaud him for being an amazing man for apologizing. His foolish wife says he is innocent. I am tired of this country.” Etta said as she buckled her seatbelt.

“So, we are flying back home. Oga would have given us the money for this flight. We would just find one better restaurant and eat good and quality afang soup and drink better red wine.”

“I am not happy.”

“I know. Don’t worry, when you get home and see your fine Bobby guy, after he kisses you, you will be fine.” Nameh said. Etta turned at her abruptly.

“You’re such a big sneaky bitch!” Etta said calmly in a funny manner.

Nameh laughed. “ Oh my! You two should better marry o. Because that kiss that I saw was too amazing. It’s just the both of you that I know can do it perfectly, so perfectly.”

Etta was mute, she just smiled.

“I feel so sad, knowing that new month is coming and my dad will be buried soon.  I can’t just believe my dad is gone.”

Nameh held her hands soothingly. When they pilot announced the flight was taking up, Nameh said, “we are souls now until we get home.” Etta sighed.

“Bobby and I made love.” She broke the long silence.

“What?” Nameh closed her mouth with her chubby hands.

“Yes. And it was sweet. I am happy I could have a part of him this way before he marries Didi.”

Nameh rolled her eyes, “don’t tell me you two are still going separate ways even after he has had your sweet mango? That’s not fair.”

“I am not bothered about it, not at all.”

“Why aren’t you bothered? You should be bothered.”

“I don’t wanna be bothered Nameh. He is the true love I ever had. No man, absolutely no man will fill his space.”

“Aww… now you wanna make me cry…” Nameh said as she wiped imaginary tears from her eyes.

The two ladies talked and laughed until they landed Uyo city airport.

A guy walked up to Etta and got her number. “You’re pretty, I would love to have dinner with you before I leave Uyo.” The man said. Etta smiled, before she handed him her complimentary card.

Immediately her phone turned on, she got a message from Bobby to meet him up at his house immediately she gets into town.

“I will head to see a client now.” Etta said to Nameh as she took a cab and left for Bobby’s house.

When he saw her through his bedroom window, alighting from the taxi, he excused the person he was talking to over the phone. “I will call you back, my lawyer is here.” He said and hung up the call.

When he got downstairs and saw her, he hugged her tight to himself. There was no kiss. It was just a tight hug that meant that he missed her so much.

“How was Abuja?” He asked.

“I don’t wanna talk about it.”

He chuckled and walked to his bar, poured a few drops of whiskey in a small shaped glass cup and put some lemon in it. He handed to her.

“This is gin?”

“Whiskey.” He replied.

“Same thing. Not use to all these.” She said with a sigh as she sipped bit by bit.

“Your father used to have lots of this.”

“I know. He used to put some on my tongue. And even though it almost melted away my tongue, I still swallowed it so I won’t upset him.”

Bobby stared at her lovingly. “Your father would never get upset because of you. He loved you so much.” Bobby said.

“Your house is changed now. Not your kind of concept.” She said, looking at the ceiling.

“You know me too well.” He walked to her and kissed her on the forehead.

“We agreed not to do this anymore.” She said.

“Don’t you miss it?”

“I do. But we have to take it out of our minds…”

The horn of a car blew at the gate. Bobby knew that Didi was back.

Etta became uncomfortable as she settled gently on the sofa.

“Let’s talk about why I called.” Bobby said as he placed the glass of whiskey on the side table. “I wanna sell Sun city estate to United bank for Africa. I spoke with the MD yesterday, and we talked at length. He wants to meet us in Lagos by August.”

“August is still far.” Etta said.

“Far indeed. It’s after next month.” He retorted.

The door clicked open and Didi entered the sitting room smilingly.

“Hello!” She exclaimed as she saw Etta. Etta stood on her feet and hugged her casually.

“Nice to meet you today Didi.”

“It’s been such a while Etta. But Bobby says cool stuff about you, I always know you’re fine.”

“Awesome. How have you been?” Etta asked.

Didi carefully kissed Bobby on the cheeks and said nicely, “fine. You came at the right time. Did Bobby tell you our wedding has been reschedule?”

“No. He didn’t.”

“Oh well, it has been rescheduled because of your dad’s burial. I am really sorry for your loss darling Etta.”

“It’s okay Didi. We will get over it soon.”

Bobby’s eyes were placed on Etta’s face. He couldn’t take it off her. He was admiring every part of her body. And if Didi wasn’t around, he would have kissed her again, and touched her one more time.