Endless [Chapter 19]


It was near the end of work.

And Bobby was still in Etta’s office. The heat burning between them had obviously burned up all her common sense. There was no way she could make it through another hour without letting him touch her. He wanted her and she wanted him, and they both admitted as much.

He walked boldly to the door and locked it. Then pulled out his shirt, flinging it to the floor. He let her kiss his bare chest.

She heard people walking pass the corridor. Her heart sank. The last thing she ever wanted to happen to her was someone to see her making love with Bobby in her office.

She was a brilliant and fearless Lawyer. She was known to be reserved too. It would be disappointing to be caught in the act of lovemaking with the man who who happened to be her best friend and client.

“Do you really want this?” He asked her, giving her a pointed look.

Yes. I wish…

The answers rolled in her head, but none of them made it to her mouth.

It was those fantasies that had driven her to kiss him those other days, and those fantasies that would drive her to ruin everything if she didn’t try to stop it. If she didn’t turn away from every erotic dream she had about him.

Hunger spurted through her when she felt his hands around her thighs. The sensation moved lower still. The hard  edge of his joystick teased the slick folds and rasped over her vagina. Her lips parted on a gasp and her knees trembled. She reached for the wall to steady herself.

She removed her panty and bent over for him, he slide into her and she closed her eyes. The love making was quick and smooth. She couldn’t help herself, it felt so good and it had been so short. He kissed her for several moments and said huskily, “I love you very much.”

Heat coiled in Etta’s belly as the words repeated in her head.

He looked as if he’d stepped straight out of her most erotic thoughts. He was naked from the waist up. His broad, powerful chest covered with sweats. Muscles rippled as he reached For his shirt.

“Call me when you get to Abuja.” He said.

“This is the last time we are doing this.” She retorted.

He held her arms tight. “Why?”

“Can’t you see this isn’t right at all. It’s not fair. You’re getting married. You’re my friend.”

“Stop all that talk please Etta. I am not planning a wedding. I can decide not to marry Didi.”

“Why? Didn’t you think of this before you engaged  her? Why do you want all these infatuation to ruin us?” She said angrily.

“You call this infatuation? You call what we have for each other infatuation?” He caught her mouth and wanted to kiss her again when she took away his mouth and pushed him away.

“I can’t do this anymore Bobby. I can’t. I am heartbroken. I feel like a bitch. I can’t do this. I won’t let this over power me and make me inhuman. I am not like this. My family will suffer. My mom would just die if she knows I am the one who wants to ruin another woman’s wedding. You may think you have no reputation to lose, but believe me, if we are seen like this then there will be an uproar. My mother would disown me.” Her words were sobering.

“Is this how you think? Like a kindergarten toddler? What’s all these about what anyone thinks? You’re an adult. A grown woman.”

Etta made a face at him. She was smoothing her hair back, bundling it up with one hand, while with the other, she searched for the pins that were scattered all over the table.

“I am leaving, lock my office when you’re ready to leave. Just know that I am done!” She said and went to the door, opened it. “One more thing, this is a secret between just you and I.” She closed the door as she walked down the hallway to the exit.

Bobby giggled. He didn’t know what to say or do to her at that moment. He walked to the window, waited so he could watch her walk to the gate. She did it at a run, skirts flying, legs flashing. When she reached the opposite corner, she looked back, saw him and kept staring until she saw a taxi.

He thought about her, about love. What it cost, what it offered. Then he took his car keys and walked out of the of her office, locking it and keeping the key at the reception desk.