Endless [Chapter 18]


Didi returned back from work quite early with shopping bags that contained table wines.

She was excited.

Bobby was on the dinning table, piles of files on the table. He was looking at a house plan of a new site he was handling.

“Hey.” Didi said calmly and planted a kiss on his cheeks. “Surprise!” She said.

He didn’t look like he was anxious to hear whatever surprise she had to share with him. His eyes were still on the house plan.

“What is it?” He asked calmly with an unsmiling face.

“Firstly, I exchanged my engagement ring for an all round diamond stone, ordered it from rare stones for over two thousand dollars.” She said shrilly. Bobby’s eyes were still on his papers. “And secondly, your mom and my mom met today with our family church priest, and they have fixed a date for our wedding to be on the 12th of June!” She said excitedly.

“What the heck is that?” Bobby asked angrily.

“What? Aren’t you happy? You wanted us to marry sooner.”

“Why would you women and a priest fix a date for a wedding without me being involved? Is that how it is done? Without the man’s consent?”

“You have been busy with your work. I am not complaining about running around alone for our wedding.”

“Didi, Didi…listen, it can’t work out on that day. That is why you were supposed to discuss with me first.” Bobby said and gulped down the water by his side.

“Why can’t it hold? It has always been your wish to be married to me. You said you didn’t want our engagement to stay for too long.”

“That is because Etta’s father’s burial is on same day. I can’t marry you on the day my best friend is mourning.”

Didi gave a funny painful laugh. “Are you kidding me? They could cancel their burial for our wedding to hold.”

“It isn’t possible. Program has been made and church announcements too. The Television and radio is airing it. So please don’t act like this doesn’t make sense to you abeg. I am not ready for any June wedding. You. My mom. Your mom can go back to your priest and cancel the date.”

Didi began to cry. “ you can’t cause me this Shame. I have already announced in my alumni WhatsApp group. This is Shame. I have already talked about it to my friends in America.” She kept on crying. But Bobby took his car keys and drove out to inspect his sites and the do a round check in his estates. He was angry and all through that day, he yelled at his workers and spoke harshly to them.


After a stressful day, he drove to Etta’s office.

When he opened the door and their eyes met, she stood to her feet immediately. Her heart beating.

“Congratulations,” She said softly.

“For what?” He asked surprisingly.

“Didi called and told me of the good news. Your wedding…”

Bobby sighed. “ you and I know it’s no goodnews. Discovering the love of my life after engaging someone I thought I loved isn’t goodnews. No wedding is holding on that day. I have cancelled it. Your dad’d burial is holding on same day, so I can’t be wedding on that day.”

“You will make Didi go mad.” Etta said and fell back on the chair.

“She can go mad for all I care. They do things without hearing from me. If I mattered to them, they would involve me.”

“Oh no Bobby. This isn’t just fair at all. Your mom will not be happy.”

“Her happiness doesn’t matter…” he walked to her and kissed her so passionately.

“It’s our happiness that matters. You and I.” He kissed her again. “I missed you so much.” He kept kissing her.

The door opened and they suddenly separated from each other. “So sorry for interrupting.” Nameh said. “ Bobby hello,”

“Hello Nameh.” Bobby said.

“ Etta, judge said we should get ready for Abuja trip tomorrow morning. Sani is ready to be in court.” She slammed the door, smiling at the scene she had just seen.

“Why are you traveling?” He asked.

“For a case.” She began to pack her bags. “I have to go home and prepare what to wear.”

He held her bag and kissed her again. “The news of the wedding date hurt you.”


“It did!” He grabbed her hands and she stared at his eyes. Tears fell from her eyes. He kissed her again and hugged her to himself.

“It hurts me too. So bad I can’t think of losing you for one second.” He hugged her so tight to himself like he was never going to let her go.