Endless [Chapter 17]


When Bobby woke, Etta was gone. He wondered why he slept so deep that he couldn’t even hear when she got out of bed. For a moment, he felt her loss like a blow. Then reality registered and he wondered if she was going to be comfortable with their new way of life. He knew her so well that he knew what she thought without her saying them. He didn’t think he had the imagination to dream up what had happened between them. He could feel her skin, and even the scent of her body he could still perceive even when she had long left. The scent of her hair lingered in his lungs. She’d been wild and free with him, not the proper reserved young girl he had always known.

Bobby stood to his feet. He was naked.

He had jobs to do. He had to get to his sites before 11am. He’d not spend time thinking of what happened the previous night.

He walked around the bathroom, and noticed that she had her bathe before leaving. He didn’t know why she left without waking him for another kiss. He didn’t know if he had felt too much or she too little. What they’d done was something grand and wonderful, an act that bound two people together. She acted as if they’d just played a game of checkers.

He pulled his trousers up and buckled his belt.

The feel of her was still on his skin, the taste of her in his mouth, the dampness of her…

He had to stop thinking of what they’d just done as she apparently had. He could imagine her walking out in one of the dresses he bought for her.

There would be time enough for the both of them when he would give her safety.

He took his car keys and drove home quietly, thinking of her and the way she kissed him. When he got to a fuel station and bought fuel in his car, he put on his cellphone. Several text messages got in from Didi.


There were more messages that he deleted from his phone without reading. He sighed, murmured words and drove home. On getting to his house, he saw police men standing on his frontage, and then his mother and Didi’s mother too.

Immediately he got down from the car, he became worried. “What’s going here, why are there police men in my house?”

His mother flew at him, “Bobby, where have you been? I thought something bad had happened to you my son.” His mom said breathing heavily, her eyes were wet with tears.

“Thank you Jehovah.” Didi’s mother said.

“Someone should tell me what’s going on here please?”

“Oga officer, my fiancée is back, please you people can go now.” Didi said to the police men outside.

“Madam, una never give me money for fuel o.” One of the police officers said. Didi’s mother rushed at them with her handbag, she removed five thousand naira and handed to them. “Oga thank you.” She said panting heavily.

“What’s going on here Didi, why did you have to bring policemen into my house?”

“I was worried…”

“Worried about what?” He asked angrily.

“I thought something bad had happened to you. Your phones were off. I sent you over twenty messages, but no response. I went to your office this morning and your workers said they had not seen you since yesterday. I had to call my mom and your mom. I had to go to the police, I thought you were kidnapped or something.” Didi said with tears in her eyes.

Bobby sighed and shook his head, then he walked away.

“Bobby! Where did you go to?” His mother yelled.

“Where have you been since yesterday?” Didi asked.

But he ignored and opened his door, slamming it behind all of them.

His mother sighed. “I am just thankful to God that my son is home. Didi, please don’t panic. You know these men. His father used to be like this when he was a young man.”

“It’s okay mommy, I understand.” Didi said pitifully.

“Are you sure you won’t have to come home with me? So that he can rest his mind. It seems he isn’t in a good mood now.” Didi’s mother said worriedly.

“Mommy. Don’t worry. I will talk to him when he is calm.” She retorted.

The two mothers left, while Didi went into the house. Her heart was heavy, she didn’t know what to say to Bobby. But whenever he does wrong to her, she would forgive him and they would plan their wedding in peace.